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How to Spice Up Your Relationships!

How to Spice up Your Relationships! © by Koffi Amouzouvi Most of the time when two couples are dating, whether they are in a relationship for a brief time period or for a long time, ...

How to Discover Divorce Records in America

Although many states in America have some concentrated programs for noting separations and divorces, some states are nevertheless to go far enough. Namely, they are yet persevering in the custom of preserving divorce records in the native courthouses which carried out the divorce case process. Norma

Important Issues To Tackle In Divorce

Divorce is a very crucial process that can lead to life-changing events so it will be important to make sure that the process will be given the right amount of attention and approach. There are valuab

Spouse Relationship - How to Turn it Into a Perfect Relationship

We all know that the base of a perfect relationship consist of love, respect, understanding and some more factors. But the most essentials are love and respect. A marriage is different from a normal relationship. The responsibilities are bigger in a marriage.

Marriage Sex

There are certain things to avoid in your marriage sex life as advised by sex experts. Learn about these four things here.

How to Keep Your Military ID After Divorce

Military dependents are entitled to many of the same benefits as active military service members. A military identification card that authorizes the use of those benefits is issued to military dependents. However, when a person stops being the dependent of a military service member, all benefits are

Save My Marriage Ebook

For this article we're going to review "Save my Marriage." It's an ebook written by Amy Waterman that teaches people how they can save their marriages. Currently it's a best selling ebook and has helped thousands of people world wide save their relationships.

Feminism and Parenting

There are conservative men who want to have families but choose to be tyrannical and violent to their children and wives, and there are liberal men who are not violent or tyrannical but want nothing to do with nuclear family. Family-minded women do not benefit from either stance. They benefit from m

Affair Recovery - Working Through the Inner Turmoil

After the affair, recovery from the haunting images and bad memories may seem impossible. But with the right kind of help you can learn to cope with the memories and get the peace you deserve.

Children of Divorce Happier - True Or False?

If you are contemplating a divorce because you are unhappy and you believe that your children will be happy if you are happy, think again. Just because you think it is so doesn't mean it's true. Children of divorce are less well-adjusted than children from intact families.

Plan out finances after getting divorced

Divorce is one phenomenon in life which has multifarious impacts. The first and foremost is emotional setback which a person takes time to overcome. Secondly, the most hit part of life is 'finances'."

Staying in Love Takes Two!

Use these simple strategies to keep the flame of love alive. Why it does take work to keep love growing in your relationship.

Recovering After an Affair: 7 Steps to Affair Recovery

If you've recently discovered that your partner has had an affair you are probably devastated. You likely feel like you've been punched in the gut and your world has been turned upside down. You might ...

Gambling Addictions and Divorce

There are several reasons for a person to file for divorce against their spouse. In some cases, different cultures or religions emphasize particular reasons over others, namely as some groups are more inclined to believe in the dissolution of marriage after financial mismanagement as opposed to prob

Effective Marriage Counseling Tips for Troubled Couples

Looking for ways to strengthen and revive your relationship? Go ahead and make use of these helpful marriage counseling tips so you can improve your connection with your spouse and make your marriage last a lifetime.