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Tips For Parenting While Divorced or Separated

Parenting Tips For the Divorced or Separated Family provides seven useful tips to keep in mind as you and your family adjust to a different set of circumstances. If you follow them I can assure you that your difficult experience will be mitigated

Experience the Power of Touch

I have always been a "touchy-feely" kind of guy so I have asked myself one day: "Is there really something to this idea of the power of touch?" I decided to test this "theory" on my own.

The Importance of Your Core Relationship Needs

Core relationship needs refers to the needs in your relationship that are non-negotiable. It's important to be aware of what they are because they are 'deal-breakers'. What this means is if your partner or potential ...

How to be a better communicator in your marriage

Strengthening marriage and family is important to Utahns. Marriage is wonderful, but it's not always easy. Communication is a big part of being able to work through marital issues. Going to m

Should You End Your Affair?

You must have your reasons for having an affair [], but are they sufficient to excuse cheating on your husband or wife? Your life can get very lonely if you are married to a man ...

Improve Your Marriage: Tips on How to Be Kind to Your Spouse

Niceness, thoughtfulness, tenderness, gentleness, patience, mean the same thing: Kindness. It is a very simple act of reaching out yet often underrated. All couples have the capacity to be kind to each other but the happiest couples are those who do it effortlessly and consistently even on days that

Top 5 Divorce Tips for Protecting Your Finances

Everyone knows that a divorce is one of the most difficult times of your own life and your families as well. This is a general guide that will help you re-focus on what is needed to protect yourself and your assets. There is no preference for wife or husband, just that your breaking away from your s

The Benefits Of Divorce Mediation

The mediation will give more advantages to couple, who want to separate, to save more time and money. We all know that the litigation process of legal separation can be long and complex, many issues i

Your Wife Wants to Leave You - How to Save Your Marriage Before It's Too Late

Your wife wants to leave you. It's not something you ever imagined would happen to your marriage. You recognize that your wife and you have problems, but you had no idea of the gravity of what she was feeling. Hearing that the person you love most in the world no longer wants to be with you is

Children Surviving Divorce-With Faith, Commitment and Support

By showing continued faith in your children and giving them the totalsupport they need as they make their make their own family separation decisions,they will be rewarded by your continued commitment. And, you never know...with time your whole family will grow with strength and gain peace of mind...

Your Husband - How to Keep Him in Love With You

If you feel your husband is drifting away from you there are things you can do to keep him in love with you. Find out how to save your marriage and rekindle the love your husband felt for you on your wedding day.

Stockholm Syndrome

Definition of the Stockholm Syndrome as a psychological state of victims becoming sympathetic to abusers.

Reconciliation Vs Divorce - Could it Work For You?

Why consider reconciliation vs. a divorce? Because divorce has consequences that can be enormous and overwhelming and painful for everyone involved. If you can prevent it, please consider reconciliation.