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Interview with Stephanie Schroeder

Stephanie Schroeder has written a beautiful memoir about her struggles with depression and domestic violence. She talks to Lesbian Life about her experiences and why she decided to write about them.

Devon Christopher

Read about Devon Christopher, publisher of gay urban magazine Bleu.

Am I Gay or Bisexual?

Teenage guys who are trying to figure out their sexual orientation often wonder if they are gay or bisexual.


Definition for intersex

The New Breed Of Gayety

When someone told me that I "don't look gay", it hit my heart. What stereotype didn't I fit into that someone thought I was straight for some reason? That comment brought forth much thought on how society views gay & lesbionic people. I am an Everyday Advocate, and wear a simple

Mike Huckabee on Gay and Lesbian Issues

Mike Huckabee is a Republican candidate for the 2008 presidential nomination. Mike Huckabee responds to the issues important to gay and lesbian people, such as same-sex marriage, adoption and gays in the military.

Who Supports Lesbian and Gay Adoption?

Many professional organizations support the rights of lesbians, gay, bisexuals and trans people to have a adopt children. Who supports LGBT adoption?

Top 10 Top Lesbian Make-Out Songs

These are the songs to cue up on your ipod or CD player when you and your girl want to make out. These lesbian make out songs are a great way to woo a new lesbian lover or make your long-time partner swoon.

Take Advantage of Social Networking For the Gay Community

But even these popular sites just aren't good enough. Which is why social networking sites for the gay community are even more important. These sites are dedicated strictly for you, where you can meet like-minded folks from all over the world.

Iowa Gay Clubs

Though Des Moines, the capital city in Iowa has long been criticized for its red flavor, it is quickly changing to become one of the bluest cities in Iowa. Most of the best and most famous Iowa gay clubs can be found right in the capital city of Des Moines.

Chris Colfer

Actor and singer Chris Colfer plays the soft-spoken and incisive Kurt Hummel on FOX's hit show Glee.

Gay Gift Guide: Chamilia Jewelry

It's difficult to find the perfect gift, especially for a gay friend or loved one that is particular about their appearance or living space. That's why a customized bracelet or necklace from Chamilia is ideal. Read my review of Chamilia jewelry.