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Green Living Tips

Green Living Tips Green Living Tips, who doesn't need a few more tips to save the earth, energy and money? Living green should be simple and it will be if you follow these few tips.

Plastic Recycling

Plastic recycling is another form of recycling in which materials that are wasted in the shape of plastic can be used and thus they are found to provide many benefits to the society. Recycling also helps people to keep the environment safe and healthy and even friendly too. The wasted plastic can be

Geothermal Energy - What is Stopping Us From Creating It?

There is tremendous amount of heat energy, called geothermal energy, lying dormant under the surface of the earth. This can be a viable source of alternate energy, which can be turned into electricity to light or heat our homes. Unfortunately, geothermal energy remains untapped as it faces some seri

10 Unheard of Green Businesses

Businesses around the world are going green but not all of them receive the same recognition as General Electric, Starbucks, and Wal-Mart. These innovative businesses have earned their share of acknowledgment and it is about time they receive some...

Geothermal Energy - Tapping The Earth's Underground Energy Treasures

"Some researchers believe that by pumping water down to that trapped heat and then using the hot water to turn turbines as it returns to the surface under very high pressure. We could generate power for decades even centuries" Australian GeographicBeneath the surface of the earth lies a hu

Hazardous Coal Ash Sites - A Serious Environmental Risk

Last year, the EPA released a list of over 40 "high hazard potential" sites around the country that contain coal combustion residuals, which are commonly referred to as coal ash. This substance is a product of burning coal and is often stored in containment ponds or dams near electrical ut

Cap and Trade Regulations Proposal by CBO

Without much public input the Congressional Budget Office has been preparing a new Green Tax that would be ready for the new president to sign into law.Frankly, there is no need for emergency-type regulations or price manipulation to get compliance from an environmental public already taking action

Making Biodiesel From Synthetic Oil

Biodiesel is something that can be made from any triglyceride. The product that is used the most for this in the United States would be soybean oil. Of course this is not the only oil used other oils include vegetable oil, corn oil, cottonseed oil, canola oil sunflower and a few others.

Guaranteeing the Quality of the Annual Alaska Shellfish Harvest

There are few lines of work as dangerous and intense as the commercial seafood harvest of shellfish every year in Alaska. However, few exploits turn up such treasures as the Alaska King Crab or mammoth sea scallops harvested in the icy, pure waters off the coast of the 49th state. The cooperation be

Sewage Waste Treatment Will Prevent Environmental Hazards!

Sewage water must be treated and used for industrial purpose. It also reduces the risk of endangering living creatures. If not for the treatment of effluents, the chemical present in them will lead to the growth of harmful algae and pose a risk to living species.

Energy Efficient Color Options For Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

As more and more people are looking for ways to do their part to save and protect the environment and reduce their carbon footprint, but finding a cost-efficient way to do so is not always easy. Leading suppliers of pre-engineered steel buildings now offer an energy-efficient "cool paint"

Country of Malaysia to Be Forestry Certified?

The global market for forest and wood products is worth over $300 billion (USD) per year. However, as an industrial sector it is highly sensitive to environmental pressures.

Saving the World With One Piece of Paper at a Time

For years a war has raged about how to save the environment and the things people, companies, and governments could be doing to accomplish that task. I decided it would be good to add my two cents worth. Don't worry I will keep this simple so that anyone can participate and it will not cost the

What To Do About Organizing Recycling

Recycling is an everyday event in most of our lives. However in many homes it is a messy unorganized system. Learn how to make your recycling system more functional.

Lake Lanier Drought

If you live anywhere except under a rock, you most likely know Lake Lanier in Georgia has been facing its worst drought since it was built in the early fifties. In 2007, the lake hit the record low of 1050.79, which was a little over twenty feet below full pool. Last year the media nationwide was al

Promoting Community Care and Recycling in a Community

A great way to prevent a community from being trashed is to provide the appropriate trash receptacles in and around buildings, parks, apartment homes and pedestrian streets. This will prevent unwanted litter and debris from being scattered around. The closer together the receptacles are to each othe