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Climate Change - Lack of Concrete Evidence Sinks the Alarmist Theory

The Alarmists are constantly telling us that unless drastic action is taken to reverse what they perceive to be man's profligacy, then we're heading for the most serious conditions ever experienced on earth. But the proof they offer is weak and unsubstantiated.

Green White Light - OLED For Lighting Explained

OLED is a new technology for thin, efficient and bright displays. OLED can also be used to create efficient and thin light sources. OLED lighting will be the cleanest of all technologies, and many companies are racing to become the first provider of these new green lights.

Pure Water

Pure water is the essential component of life and it is the one thing people are not paying much attention to. People are more worried about other things like economics or global warming, but all the while our pure water supplies are dwindling away each year. With out public awareness the whole plan

Top Environmental Issues That Concern a Chef

Being a chef does not change the fact that you need to be environmentally involved.You need to be aware of the top environmental issues concerning you and you need to adopt various measures in order to respond to these problems.

Global Warming - Effects, Consequences and Action

Global warming is a serious issue that requires immediate action to be resolved. We can't afford to procrastinate when it comes to global warming because the more we put it off for the next day, the bigger its effect will be on our planet.

Print Green - Save Environment

In this age of digital technology, printing presses still play a major role in the production of a range of materials such as booklets, posters, postcards, brochures, business cards, calendars, stationeries etc. While this wide-spread process of printing gives us such informative and eye pleasing pr

Be Kind To The Planet And Your Body - Choose Organic Bath Towels

The world we live in today is one that is generally recognized for being heavily polluted and being damaged beyond repair by the human race. Hopefully things are changing with this though as we do all have the option to be more eco friendly and do our tiny little bit to save the planet, added up tog

What's Oil the Fuss About?

Many methods of extracting oil from natural resources have a huge impact on the environment; we talk about the fragile sand castles of modern times. Tar sands have only recently been counted as part of the world's oil reserves, and why? Because methods have only recently been discovered that al

Can Natural Energy Production Actually Save Our Planet

Global warming has long been a feared consequence of our industrial revolution, yet why has it taken so many years for governments to actually take it seriously? Here, we shall look at the different areas the world as a whole needs to combat in an attempt to reduce the effects that global warming fa

3 Ways People Use Solar Cookers

Solar cookers are what you can call a green product, 100% because they use the energy provided by the sun in order to cook food in a healthy way, with zero consumption of traditional energy. Depending on where they are used, solar cookers are a necessity, a choice or a fun item, and I will tell you

Does Mold Effect Indoor Air Quality?

There are lots of things that can change your everyday lifestyle. The house you live in, the people you are around, and even the air you breathe in.

The Three Rs

With the current enlightenment of living "green", we are being encouraged to recycle more than ever. Recycling is a good thing, however, it is not the only way to minimize the garbage we produce. Keep the "three Rs" in mind: reduce, reuse and recycle.

Water Purification and Management in Small Towns

Clean water is a major issue especially in small towns, where due to heavy industrialization or other developmental activity the water sources have become highly contaminated. The contamination of water is with a variety of pollutants, organic and chemical - acid drainage, agricultural runoff, sewag

Love The Earth And Plant A Tree

Trees can be very meaningful to people.Almost everyone can recall at least one special event in their life spent under a tree. Whether it is ones wedding day or just a picnic, almost everyone in the world loves the serenity that trees bring naturally.

Now Might Be A Good Time to Start Saving Water!

I've always found it interesting that we have a planet which is covered by water, at least two thirds of it that is, and yet, we find ourselves at a shortage of drinking water and fresh water supplies. The real challenge is the distribution of freshwater, the rest is salty and we can't dri