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The Green Movement Tries to Go Mainstream

There has been much said by green foes that if oil and gas prices go down, the green movement moving into mainstream financial circles will lose impetus and remain in the province of environmental friendly companies. But, the carbon trading attack into mainstream violators of carbon dioxide caps, in

Elephants in Zoos

Keeping elephants in zoos is one of the most controversial topics among zookeepers, zoo goers, conservationists and animal activists. On the one hand, without zoos it would be nearly impossible for the vast majority of people to see a live elephant, making it less likely people will feel strongly ab

N Propyl Bromide Can Be Toxic to Workers' Health

N propyl bromide (nPB) is a organic chemical compound used for cleaning metal surfaces and removing adhesives, and is often formulated into non-flammable solutions for the removal of soldering residues from electronic parts. However, as revealed at the 2010 National Environmental Summit, the use of

Our Carbon Footprint

Conserve our precious earth. Conserve and learn to do your part in reducing your carbon emissions (carbon footprint).We are at a time where we need to conserve.

Three Simple Environment Friendly Practices You Can Do at Home

Saving the environment can sound like a very huge feat made only for scientists who know about the science of nature. But the truth is saving the environment is all about being aware of the effects that our everyday activities create on our surroundings. And if we do find out that we are creating mo

Kitchen Sponges And The Environment

Most of the talk about kitchen sponges is around the amount of bacteria they can harbor. Sure, it's a very good point, but what about the effect of these throwaway items on the environment?

Baby Step Your Way to a Greener Lifestyle

When many people think of going green, they imagine buying a lot of new products or making huge changes in their lifestyle. But taking baby steps is more practical and realistic.

Epidemic of Abandoned Properties Hits American Cities

Although the epidemic of abandoned properties is presented in the media as affecting cities the real battle will be in city neighborhoods. Vagrants, drug dealers, prostitutes, thieves and other undesirables are attracted to abandoned properties causing the remaining residents to live in fear. The lo

Do You Know Where Your Fish Comes From?

There are so many reasons to enjoy seafood. Especially if you are eating Alaska seafood, you have even more reasons to eat it on a regular basis. More so than fish from other locations, it is natural, healthy, flavorful, versatile, and sustainable.

What To Know More About The Earth Summit 2002?

So what exactly is the Earth Summit? Oh, just the biggest meeting of the decade and possibly the most important. Most of the world leaders will be in attendance, with the possible exception of George Bush, who is practicing a damaging and isolationist strategy of 'my backyard is better than you

Tips For Driving Green

Are you trying to make changes in your lifestyle that will help to preserve some of the natural resources being used everyday? There are many things that individuals can do to make a difference.

3 Tips to Consider Before Building Your Own Wind Powered Generator

Wind turbines are a great way to produce your own electricity to power your home. You can drastically reduce your electricity bills, and you're reducing your carbon footprint at the same time too. But before you even think about making one for your own home here are 3 tips that you should hear

Help Rebuild Shattered Lives In Pakistan

The women and children of Pakistan are vulnerable to malnutrition, disease, exposure and exploitation. Education and basic family function has been waylaid due to immediate and projected effects caused by widespread flooding in July/August 2010.

What Is Energy Efficiency?

The question of energy efficiency is one of the most significant issues today that faces the human race on a whole. There are numerous causes for this. Energy efficiency is a primary universal philosophy that needs to be taken up to assure the future of our planet.

Going Net-Zero in Santa Fe

As our climate changes, home building design is changing. Energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly homes are cropping up across the country. They draw upon centuries old design techniques and the newest innovations in green technology. Take an in-depth look at a Santa Fe home that is becoming t