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4 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Greener

In these days of environmental awareness it is important that we all do our bit for the planet. But knowing where to start can be hard.

Nations Pull Away From UN Decision - Separate Environmental Reforms Evolve

Environmental reforms on climate change have been discussed for decades by the UN, separate countries governments, environmental groups, and individuals. The need for change is evident, but getting a national response, much less an international response, is difficult to see through.

Do You Know About Pinus Pinea Trees Or the Umbrella Trees?

Do you know which tree is being mentioned as umbrella trees? Pinus pinea is the tree variety which is also being termed as umbrella trees. They are being called so because of its shape and you could very well find these trees mainly in the western parts of Europe and in Africa. This tree mainly grow

Keep Your Aluminum and Steel Cans Out of Landfill Sites

Every year thousands upon thousands of tons of trash is poured into landfills. Though we are in no danger of running short on landfill space, this is expensive in terms of space, time, and energy invested, along with the sheer waste of materials that will not ever be used again.

Measures to Maintain Balance in Nature

The role of humans in their environment is clear. They are not merely biological specie but also a social specie which, by their ingenuity and skill, shape and reshape their ecosystem at will. The kind of ecosystem they have, therefore, reflects the values, attitudes, skills, and knowledge or ignora

Google Introduce New Technology In Driving

Google always wanted to improve the technology and help resolve problems all over the world. The major issue in public is the increasing accident cases and Google have now taken steps to help people prevent traffic accidents and also to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide thereby creating an eco f

Controversies Over Dams in Uttarakhand, India

Dams are state property which can create employment facilities for the people of the state as well as it has other benefits like electricity generation, irrigation and drinking water supply. In the state of Uttrakhand, based mostly on Himalayan mountain and sub-mountain zones,some mighty rivers have

Jatropha - A New Miracle Plant?

There is over 30% of oil in the seeds, which is extremely high for such an undemanding plant. The cetane number of the oil is 60, and here is the key: Canola, the world's currently most used source of biodiesel fuels, has only a cetane number of 54, Jatropha seeds promise to be even more promis

The More Is Not Necessarily The Merrier

I care, I care very deeply and this is born of the fact that it is my generation that will be reviled by future ones when the blame game is finally played out in the history books, but the feeling persists that these measures will prove to be inadequate in the final analysis. More people means more

America's Seafood, Is It Safe? Does Anyone Really Know? What Can We Do?

Since the BP Oil Spill everyone has been wondering if the seafood is safe to eat. The fisherman will not eat what they are catching and are concerned they may be poisoning the American Public. Many experts agree that more needs to be done and right now. Is BP & Washington in a partnership to keep th

Ocean Conservation - How You Can Take Part

Ocean conservation involves the protection and preservation of marine life and environments. Conservation work is required in many parts of the world and anyone who loves the oceans can get involved.

Soil Carbon - Why Farmers Need it to Manage Risk

Growing food has always been a risky business. As the world gets warmer and demand for food increases, farmers will find it harder to manage financial exposure and declining yields. Putting carbon back into the soil will be a big help. Any farmer will tell you that if the same crop is grown on a fie

United Kingdom Makes the Most of Solar Energy Sources

Because of the relatively cheap installation costs, solar water heating is likely to be preferred route of homeowners partaking of the incentive. Along with governmental incentives and grants, the attraction of the returns presented by solar water heating is sure to spur the United Kingdom's re

Shall We Discuss Southwestern US Water Challenges For a Moment?

Many places in the world are severely water stressed. There are some real challenges brewing and some rather upset neighbors, as one nation is hoarding the water, that another nation needs. In many cases the first nation the water runs through doesn't have enough for themselves either. Take the

Solar Power Overview

Since the 1950s, when the solar cells were discovered people were more and more concerned about gaining industrial power and energy at cheaper rates, in the meanwhile, from an environmental point of view the use of the power of the sun is the least polluting process than any other processes. Nowaday

Making Over an Industry - North American Natural Gas

The North American natural gas industry is in the process of reinventing itself. Only recently, it was a land-locked business that had to sell aggressively to find customers for its plentiful fuel. It is increasingly becoming a global business that will continue to push itself to meet burgeoning dem

Air Pollution - Can We Improve Air Quality by Reducing Pollution?

One of the biggest reasons that we can have poor air quality is form fuel burning cars and factories. If we want to have cleaner air then we can pass laws that will demand that the factories have to pass certain quality test or they can not operate.