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Energy Management A Must

Conzerv offers cost-effective products and solutions to manage energy and to improve the quality and optimize available supplies of power.To manage energy efficiently in your plant, building or utility you need to start by asking the right questions, which often leads you half the way to the final a

The Dead Sea History!

My name is Anwar. A Christian born in the Bethlehem region. I moved to the US in 94 to provide a better life for my family back Home. In 96, I decided to form this company to help other Christians remaining in the Holyland as tourism has decreased & their main source of income is from the revenue ma

Ancient Ayurvedic Knowledge Could it Be the Solution to Pollution?

We live in an era when humanity, for the first time in recorded history, has brought into question the future existence of all life on our planet. Man-made pollution of monumental proportions threatens the entire biosphere and every species of life that have their lives within it.Many of today'

Plugging Into Green Energy

Have you ever sat back and thought why are my energy bills going up? Can I do anything about them, or am I stuck on an endless routine of trying to track down the cheapest companies and hoping I can lock myself in at the lowest cost going? And if you can do that what sort of difference in price will

Global Environmental Issues

Factors affecting our environment and its ecosystem are endless. Insensitive human activity for one's greed is the single most important reason for causing irreversible damages that are threatening the very existence of mankind. Every single environmental issue is intricately woven with another

Few Notes on the Environment - Friendly Printing

The main purpose in people's life should be saving the earth. You can save the world by utilizing products like printers, papers, ink which are friendly to the environment.

India Says Yes to POSCO

Finally, at the end, there is a green signal for the South Korean Pohang Steel Company (POSCO). Indian Environment Ministry has finally given a conditional clearance to the twelve million tonne steel project of the company in the Indian state of Orissa after imposing sixty new conditions on the comp

Is There Tribal Wisdom on How to Clean Up the Oil Spill?

I was raised watching the infamous Cowboy & Indians TV shows. Hollywood presented a slanted view of those situations and of the history of the United States. Now that the fighting has stopped, what can we learn from the Indians?

Reduce - The Holy Grail

The hard truth is that we all need to reduce. Reduce the amount of money we spend. Reduce the amount of food we eat.

Solar Panels - Applications for Environmentally Friendly Energy Solutions

With the world continually moving towards environmentally friendly energy solutions, solar power is becoming an ever more popular option for businesses and residences alike. While we may think that solar energy comes in small batches and may not be worth the effort, there are actually a lot of solar

Green Water Heater

Making our home green one step at a time will help our environment for years to come. Let's take today to look at a very important home appliance, the water heater.

Bees to the Rescue

Studious little insects, they are. Pollinating plants of all kinds and providing us with much of the food we eat. Protecting plants against pests. Creating delicious honey for our enjoyment. And they are also being trained to help with protecting us from explosives and other things.

How Could You Be Greener?

If you want to do your bit for the environment, then you'll probably be looking for ways to reduce your energy usage, and minimise your use of natural resources. Here's how you can be greener.

The WASH Approach: Fighting Waterborne Disease

Learn how international aid groups in disaster areas are combating diarrheal diseases such as cholera, hepatitis E, and dysentery with WASH, an integrated approach to waterborne disease prevention.

New Biodegradable Carrier Bags May Soon Be Available

It is well known that plastic bags are harmful to the environment as they take a long time to degrade. Moreover, when plastic is broken down into its molecular components, it can contaminate the soil and the water table. Plastic can not be burned either, as it releases hazardous gasses which can cau

Advantages Of Organic Farming

In recent years it has been observed by a large majority of people that organic farming is more Eco-friendly and cost effective than modern or conventional farming. In this article we are going to find out more about the concept of organic method of farming and what benefits it can provide to our he