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The Great Rift Valley

In the last few months I visited a number of countries along the Great Rift Valley. On my return home, I tried to find what is the common feature that binds these countries together.

Eleven Things To Do To Solve the Trash Problem

It's garbage collection time at our place today. All those big plastic bags and sacks of garbage everyone is happily hauling out of their homes just so the garbage truck can haul it far far away. The sad part is that most of that stuff is perfectly compostable.

How to Eat Fish Sustainably

Sustainability has become a bit of a buzzword in certain circles of Americans. People want to know that they are acting, eating, and living in a way that causes minimal damage to the world around them. But how can you convert such a philosophy into every day life? One way is to be more conscious of

Eco and Green Choices - Navigating the Clutter

There are several ways to help save the environment and keep your earth healthy. Many of these ideas will keep you in top shape as well.There are so many possibilities. Where do you start? Take a good look at your life and see what you can change. Start with the easier ideas and work up from those.H

2008 Endangered Species Red List Published

The endangered species red list has just been published, and although there is some good news showing a few that have had their survival risk reduced, those that have deteriorated are more. The good news is that with effort, planning and time, the tendency can be reduced.The question: Do we have suf

5 Tips For Remembering Your Canvas Grocery Bags

Helpful article with tips about how to not forget your canvas grocery bags at home! It can be frustrating to want to be a good environmentalist, but to have a hard time remembering your eco-friendly shopping bags. These tips will help you never forget them again!

Maternal Occupational Exposure to PAHs

What does the latest research tell us about the possible connection between occupational exposure to PAHs during pregnancy and the potential for gastroschisis in offspring?

Pay Bills the Green Way

Things are constantly changing, even the way we pay our bills. Traditionally, you would receive an invoice in the mail each month for all or most of your bills. You would then fill out a check, put it in the return envelope, place a stamp on it and send it back to the company.

Dust is a Four Letter Word

Dust is a huge problem and the amount of particulate in our Earth's Atmosphere is incredible, and it's really problem for human health, not to mention the environment. Dust storms can be so very intense and completely disrupt civilization. Some day Beijing will be covered by the Gobi Deser

Seek Environmental Help With Green Transportation Consultants

It is extremely important that you discover the very best opportunities which are available to you in nowadays when companies have environmental issues on the top of their minds. When you depend on an industry which relies heavily on transportation, one of the very best advantages you can take benef

Look At The View

We are all in search of the perfect view. What if that perfect view was a matter of mindset?

New Cash Crop For the United States

America's cotton industry faces a dismal future. That was why a consortium of botanists, growers and Southern politicians have begun to investigate the possibilities of replacing cotton with bamboo in Southern Mississippi Delta states.

Save the Enviroment -Buy a Real Christmas Tree

When purchasing a Christmas tree, the most environmentally favorable choice is a real Christmas tree. The ecological advantages of a real Christmas tree over an artificial Christmas tree are numerous.Production of oxygenEach acre of Christmas trees produces the daily oxygen requirement of 18 people.

Connecting Humans, Animals, and Ecosystems

This report on the emerging field of conservation medicine--sometimes called the 'One Health' approach--focuses on the inextricable connections between human, animal, and ecosystem health.

The History Of Solar Power

It's not that we have just started the use of solar power recently because the history of solar power is building up for some time now. In fact, it dates back to the time when experiments started in space. This started when countries like US and Russia sent their satellites in the space. Basica

Bring The Green Attitude To Your Workplace

We all know that going green is the right thing to do and it's highly encouraged. By bringing this attitude to your work place, you can add some high spirits while helping the earth!