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Is a Homemade Wind Generator Better Than a Solar Panel?

There has been a lot in the news lately about alternative forms of energy. Everyone seems to be looking for a way to help the surroundings, but also reduce the costs of powering a home. Whilst some folks are turning to solar panels, others are quickly seeing the benefits of building a home made wind

Rosia Montana: A Paradise in Jeopardy

Rosia Montana is one of the most historically and archaeologically significant places on earth but it is being threatened by a proposed open-pit gold mine that would be the largest in Europe. Though engineered by corporate greed, it also takes the greed of individuals to destroy a community and a wa

Types of Environmental Pollution

Pollution is the result of exponential growth and development in the nation. By all means it is hampering the quality of human life and creating an imbalance in the ecology.

The Impact of Green Practices on Allergies, Asthma, and Even Cancer

Recent reports tell us that food allergies have grown to more than 3 million people. Asthma cases have increase over the last twenty years.ADD and ADHD has spread throughout our country, and even cancer seems to be a disease with a curious origination source. Could these problems be more than a natu

Go Green When You Cook Out

Charcoal grilling can be the enemy of the environment, but we all love a tasty summer cookout.You can have all the fun of grilling and still make your mark in the war to protect the world we live in.

Harvesting The Cigarette Butt Crop

Every where you go there is a nasty looking cigarette butt on the ground. Not only do they look bad but they smell. When I try to lay out my blanket on the beach there is no spot that is free of them.

Waste Management Companies in the US

Trash can be sorted into numerous categories such as solid, liquid, gaseous, residuals, recyclables, biodegradable, radioactive or nuclear, post-consumer, human or sewage-type, household, farm, electronic or e-waste, construction and demolition, chemical, kitchen, food, etc. It can also be categoriz

How to Go Green on a Budget

With the way the economy is going, going green is a smart decision because eco friendly products help us all save energy. If you decide to go green while sticking to a budget, you can still save money without spending a lot.

Keurig Coffee Pods Pose Recycling Problems

Coffee brewing has undergone a number of revolutions, and resurgences over the years. But today, the coffee brewing trend comes in the form of a 2-by-2 inch plastic pod (K cups) used for the coffee-brewing revolution created by - Keurig. The bad news is - the Keurig coffee pods pose big problems whe

Biomass Power is Necessary For Electricity Needs

People now a day need fuel to produce electricity since electricity is a fundamental pillar to all modern society. Using Biomass Power Biomass is useful in describing such natural and biological materials which are commonly used in the production of electricity. Biomass includes different types of f

Saving Water By Paying Attention to the Weather

Have you ever driven down a street perhaps in an industrial area, near shopping center or along a center median and saw the sprinklers going when it was raining? Isnt that the height of decadence indeed? You probably thought to yourself gee, we are in a drought situation and we get our first good ra

Protecting the Environment - Reducing Carbon Emissions

Carbon emissions are one of the leading causes of damage to the Earth's atmosphere.Global warming has become a grave problem in today's society and these emissions into the Earth's atmosphere need to be put into consideration.Global warming can be devastating to the Earth because it l

Company Cleans Up Its Air With Beema Bamboo

While we know that bamboo can supply us with everything from bamboo bed linens to bamboo t shirts, one company is taking the plant further and hoping to generate clean energy with the use of a bamboo plant. Clenergen Corporation recently announced its partnership with Rio Tuba Nickel Mining Corp to

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Facts - Our Future

The issue of global warming and other bizarre occurrences in nature may be the causes of grave concern to most people but this is ultimately mankind's fault - and this is why it is severely important to recycle. Man is essentially depended on the resources provided for by Mother Nature. Soon th

Be Green and Clean Your Paint Brushes Naturally

The art of creating great pictures that are well composed and interesting is a true gift; it requires a lot of natural and acquired skill along with a huge amount of practice. Individuals have to understand and really feel comfortable with using canvases and paint brushes.

Make Your Home and Life More Green

Everyone wants to go green these days. Here are some easy ways that you can go green and maybe save a little money at the same time.

Free Ways To Be Green

Green, green, green - today green is the new "black."Are you interested in participating in the green movement but are restricted because of financial limitations?