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Conserve Our Marine Environment

If our forests are essential to our socio-economic development it is the same way with our coastal areas. This is actually the main reason why it's important to conserve our marine environment while we still can.

Endangered Species List

The World Conservation Union or ICUN prepares a list that indicates which species are considered to be vulnerable and endangered or even critically endangered. If you are a lover of animals or even just interested the world eco environment you will be aware of what is known as the endangered species

A Glimpse Of Tomorrow

Since the oil crisis is getting worse, engineers have to come up with alternative fuels for our daily needs. Just what the future has in store for us, though, has yet to be revealed.

How Important is Green Education in Promoting Green Jobs?

In the years to come, the green building and energy sectors will offer numerous opportunities we do not yet even comprehend. Education is the key to building awareness of the professions and emerging technologies that will bring us out of the economic challenges that our family and friends have expe

Heavy Metals Found in Consumer Products

Test results of 8000 tests performed over the past two years using X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) analyzers on consumer products find a variety of heavy metals present in the consumer products. This list of potential heavy metals includes lead, cadmium, arsenic and mercury. The data collected includes inf

How to Reduce Your Power Bills by 60 Percent - Earth4Energy Review

Did you know that all of us can use wind power to generate electricity? I know that it is too good to be true, but believe it or not, it is indeed possible. The power of wind and solar is already used in every country. Recently, these technologies became available to public.

Eco-Friendly Mud Brick Images To Help In Decision Making

The eco-friendly nature of mud bricks is one of the factors that make them good construction materials. It is one of the benefits that you stand to enjoy when you choose the bricks for your construction needs. With so many building materials now available today, not many people would consider the ea

Solution to the Bottled Water Epidemic

The bottled water industry is expected to be a $16 billion-dollar industry this year.Bottled water companies are wasting valuable resources to create each bottle of water, while consumers continue to pay for this commodity that they can get for just pennies out of a faucet.

How to Prevent and Control Algae

Algae are the most irritating organisms that accumulate in ponds, lakes, reservoirs, water tanks, and any bodies of water. This article gives tips on how to prevent and control algae from the areas they usually thrive in.

Should We Make The Switch To Residential Solar Power?

Did you know that the sun will emit enough energy on to the earth in one day to power the entire planet and its needs for an entire year. Now thats an amazing thought. So it makes perfect sense that we make use of the gift that is residential solar power and convert it to the continuing perseverance

Why Do We Fear Nature?

On Mother's day 2004 on Monterey Bay, California, a group of eco-tourists were viewing migrating grey whales. Human families watched whale families as they journeyed along the coast to feeding grounds in the Arctic. Then something happened.

Conserving Water Is Good for the Environment

Water is the elixir of life. We cannot even imagine life without water. With increased destruction of the natural fauna and flora, our world is looking more like a concrete jungle. We have already caused considerable damage to the environment.

Go Green - Sell Unwanted Items Online

The adage some ones trash is another man's treasure, has never been so true as now, when you can reach millions of people online. By reusing (selling old items online) you not only contribute to the green movement by reusing, but can make a few bucks in the bargain.

4 Ways to Green Your Meals

Most people now realize that we all need to begin living a more planet-friendly life.There are many ways that you can make a significant contribution.They range from simple things like recycling to larger, more costly things such as solar energy for your home.It is common for people to feel overwhel

Climate Change Policy - Does Australia Need It?

Late in 2007 Australians voted for a new centre-left government, in part because its leader Kevin Rudd was committed to climate change action. He no longer is and has replaced action with a policy vacuum. Here is one reason why that decision is a mistake.

Is it Expensive to Be Green?

This is a question many people have asked me and unfortunately the answer is not that easy. While, yes, to buy organic and items that are green can be quite costly, there are also many ways to be green that are very affordable.

Earth Day Concerns

Pollution is always a problem to this world of ours. Air pollution is, in my opinion, the biggest in major cities and some places without trees.