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Synthetic Fibers Industry - Becoming Eco Aware

This year will be dedicated for promotion of benefits of natural fibers as against the disadvantages of synthetic fibers. This also makes it necessary to do an analysis of synthetic fibers industry as to what is being done by it in order to contribute to world's sustainability and for reducing

Going Green Painlessly

Are you perplexed by the new green movement? Perhaps you genuinely care about the earth, but you fail to see how using biodegradable laundry detergent will change the world in a meaningful way. If someone told you how important your small changes were, and why you should care, you would be on board.

Saving Mother Earth

At present most people are into saving our planet or Mother Earth. They always make it to a point that they'll always have an activity commemorating the day that they have extended their hands in saving the planet. But that's not the main reason for everything, what Mother Earth needs are

Solar Energy - The Facts

I want to discuss solar energy and facts about this alternative energy source. As the need for more energy continues to be in demand, we must look to our sun to meet our energy needs. Solar can be used to heat our water or make electricity. Let us look at the facts.

The Truth Behind Bottled Water

In many areas of the U.S., tap water may contain unwanted chemicals and toxins that the human body shouldn't absorb. Tap water often contains high levels of lead, arsenic, copper, chlorine, or VOC's (volatile organic compounds). These chemicals can lead to diseases and in severe cases, can

Quenching a Nation's Thirst - Making Water From Air!

Bottled water is everywhere these days and has become a multibillion dollar business. You can't escape their presence anywhere, whether at a grocery store, convenience store, the beach, work place, home, etc, bottled water is there. The overall success that the bottled water industry has experi

What Is The Outlook For The Availability Of Fossil Fuels?

I think this article is comparable to the people who slow down on the highway to look at an automobile accident. You are not involved in the accident, yet you surely are curious about what is happening. At the present time we can sense the presence of a disaster, but we do not have enough informatio

The Benefits of Buying Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is infinitely better for the environment than traditionally-grown cotton. Not only is it more environmentally-friendly, but it's also better for the people who grow it, and the people who wear the clothes that are made from it.

Is a Fireplace Ban Realistic?

In Health News the other day, it was reported that San Francisco was considering placing a ban on fireplaces.Public hearings have been held since November in the Bay Area to determine whether fireplaces are all that healthy for the home.But fireplaces have been a part of American life for years, wha

Gulf Hotels - A Year Later!

There is every reason to call the Gulf oil spill a serious national disaster. While most of us think only about the environmental issues surrounding the tragedy, experts are weighing up economic issues as well. According to a survey conducted by a date firm, the hotels in the Gulf coast are in sever

Store Water for Good and Bad Times

Water is one utility needed for man's survival, but the indiscriminate use both in domestic and commercial sectors have contributed to its shortage. Many people need to be educated on its importance, use, how to save, recycling and other related issues. Proper use of this utility is a step to h

Easy Green Living

I know, there is so much you need to know before you can live green, right? Wrong, living green is easy and cheap(something we could all use right now). Before I get into it there are a few things you should know. First, you do not have to install a windmill or solar panels to live green (it would b

The City of Austin Works on Providing More Trails

This fall ground will be broken for phase 1 of a new hike and bike trail to be called the Walk for a Day trail.This approximately 35-mile trail will wind its way through parks and neighborhoods from Zilker Park to Kyle.

Save the Planet - Make Greener Choices

We all have the power to make greener choices in our daily lives, and by changing a few of your habits, it's easy to do your bit for the planet, contributing towards a healthier, happier future for everyone. Here are a few ideas to help you make greener choices this year.

The Environmental Angle When You Sell a Laptop

Sit down to watch a movie or documentary related to the effects of human consumption on the health of our planet and chances are that you'll see a pretty bleak picture painted before your eyes. Real footage from landfills across the globe, garbage scavengers and scientific data that shows how o

How Can I Be Environmentally Responsible?

Many of us want to be environmentally responsible, yet it is so difficult sometimes to figure out just how to do it. The best thing is to pick out something simple and start with that. For instance washing your car.

5 Tree Surgery Techniques

Ever heard of a tree surgeon? They are the trained people found high up on trees, pruning them back to life. Here are some of the techniques they practice to ensure that trees are kept healthy and looking beautiful.