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Going Green - Sustainability With Disposables

With the world "going green", everybody is trying to find a way in which they can contribute to the global campaign of sustainability. The popular phrase "reduce, reuse, and recycle" seems to be etching its way into industries worldwide.

Energy Efficiency Schools - Taking the Lead in Becoming Energy-Efficient

With governments promoting energy efficiency, schools are on the front line for reducing carbon footprints. Schools and other large organizations receive incentives to begin making changes in how they use energy. The idea is to put things in place now that will promote production in carbon dioxide e

Follow LEED to a Green World

Scientists are not able to provide sufficient and verifiable proof that green house gases cause global temperature rise.A green lifestyle can greatly reduce our negative impact on the environment. The USGBC LEED rating system can be used to determine if a building has enough credits tobe listed as a

40 Years Later: The Next Big Challenge, Stormwater Runoff

There have been great improvements in the last 40 years since the Clean Water Act. Due to changes in the landscape resulting in less impervious land for water to soak into and filter through naturally, stormwater runoff is our next obstacle to clean water. Stormwater runoff collects debris and chemi

What Happens After a Volcano

In this article you will find out about the changes which happen in the environment, after a volcanic eruption has taken place. Changes might be on the landscape, in the air and even on humans and animals.

You Are What You Drive

What car do you drive? Would you like a bigger and faster car? Perhaps a sports car if you could own one, or a four by four? Whatever the case, when looking at the features of a car most of us have overlooked the most important feature: its danger. How is this so?

Favor Fisheries Off the Alaskan Coast

For many years, people believed that the size of the oceans would protect underwater creatures and habitats from suffering from the effects of pollution. Yet the truth of the matter came out when toxins were found in all sorts of creatures. Since then, it has been shown that some of the major proble

Is a Luxury Lifestyle Bad for the Environment?

Is living a luxurious lifestyle all about excess and waste or do the wealthy have special access and awareness into the requirements of environmental stewardship that allow them to make better choices? This is the topic we explore today from both sides of the coin.

What Are The Effects of Acid Rain?

Did you enjoy bathing in the rain when you were a kid? Sad to say, you cannot simply do that now because of the risks of acid rain. Learn more from this article about acid rain and its harmful effects to humans and the environment.

Texas - Historical Drought Ended - Helps the Whooping Crane

After a historical drought in Texas that started in 2007 that affected the entire state but central Texas and the mid coastal area were affected the most. Because the Aransas National Wildlfie Reserve is included in this area, the Whooping Crane and endangered species was dramatically affected becau

Why Use Environmentally Friendly Products?

Environmentally friendly products are earth friendly products that are safe for the environment and help to keep the pollution level of the land, air and water to a minimal. They are biodegradable, less toxic and are pretty much odorless. These products are safe for the environment, humans and anima

Report Finds That Solar Panels Will Increase Property Values

The Energy Savings Trust has released a report that the installation of solar panels on residential properties would significantly increase the price that house buyers would be willing to pay for those properties. With the government's announcement that the clean energy cash back scheme will be

Growing "Green" - Buying "Green"

Studies indicate that over the past 5 years the sales of organic and all natural products have increased 18% to 25%. It is estimated that up to 30% of American consumers are willing to pay up to a 20% premium on clean, green products over non-sustainable alternatives...and that number grows each yea

Waterless Carwash Products - Do They Really Help the Environment?

There is a new waterless carwash product on the block and the product maker is Green Earth. Personally, I am concerned with waterless products, as some of the knock-offs of the original Dry Wash-n-Guard Multi-Level Marketing sold product, had different ingredients such as Kerosene. Kerosene is basic

Is Air Pollution Fact Or Fiction?It is a Fact!

Air pollution is a knowledge base everybody should have.After all, we live on this earth, and it is our duty to care for the earth as the earth has cared for us for centuries now.The facts are right in front of us, staring us in the face, but we choose to ignore them, all too often.

6 Tips To Live A Greener Summer

Today is the first official day of summer! The weather is nicer, the vegetables are fresher, and everyone is ecstatic they don't need to turn on their heat for a few months. It's so much easier to live green in the summer time, so here are some quick tips to reduce your carbon footprint fo

Four Easy Ways to Live Green

With the arrival of Earth Week, I wanted to take the time to stray from the articles that I normally write, and stress the importance of recycling and living a greener lifestyle. Over the last few years, the "Go-Green" lifestyle has surged in America and across the world. One point I want

Turning Recycled Tungsten Carbide Into Tungsten Carbide Blades

Tungsten carbide is an extremely valuable alloy that is used in many industries for different applications. It is also a highly prized alloy because it can be 100% recycled over and over again. Because of its strength, durability, and resistance to both heat and rust, carbide is an ideal choice for