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The International Car Free Day

The aim of "World Car Free Day" is not to exclude all the cars, but to arouse people's attention to environmental issues. On the day of September 22, let us go back to the freedom of walking, and enjoy the happiness of quiet life.

New Jersey Pollution Issues

If you have lived in New Jersey for the past thirty or so years you have probably noticed a lot of big changes, in fact if you've been in the state for the past ten years I am sure you have noticed some major changes too. Most of the changes that I am referring to are of course the effects of p

Environmental Realities and Future of China

All Nations must be cognizant of their environment and fast growing nations like China are no exception. Without clean air and water quality of life diminishes and human workers suffer greatly. And before we get into this discussion lets not be too hasty to criticize as in the United States we had o

What Can You Do to Live a Greener Life?

Living green is now a very well known phrase. It seems that over the last five years the term is getting more popular. Why all the buzz? Well there are many positives to living green, you can make money while preserving the environment.

Varieties of Reusable Bags

With reusable bags now starting to take over from the now redundant non reusable bags it seemed only inevitable that people would start to create a wider range of reusable bags. These products include such items as jute bags, cloth bags, canvas bags, cotton bags, tote bags and possibly even more kin

The Greenhouse Effect Helps Keeps Us Warm

The Greenhouse effect actually helps to maintain the temperature of the surface of the earth. The energy from the sun comes to the earth and is some of it is converted to heat. Much of this radiation is absorbed by atmospheric gases, such as carbon dioxide and methane along with water vapour. As thi

Our Polluted Oceans - 6 Million Pounds, 7.2 Million Pieces of Trash

Last Thursday the Ocean Conservancy released its annual report on trash in our oceans. This report includes brand new data from the 2007 International Coastal Cleanup, which billed itself as the "most comprehensive snapshot of the harmful impacts of marine debris."

The Longer We Leave Carbon Reduction, the More it Will Cost!

Three countries contribute far more greenhouse emissions per head than any others in the world.These are Australia, USA and Canada.These people need to make urgent changes to their lifestyle and the longer they leave it the more it will cost to repair the damage.These three countries also have a com

Woven Geotextiles - The Ultimate Cover-up?

Woven geotextiles serve as a temporary solution to protecting soil especially when the dirt has been moved for a short period of time. Read on to learn more.

Go Carbon Neutral With Firewood

With the increase in awareness of the impact of our energy producing activities, wood fired stoves and heating is again coming to the fore. Whilst burning wood does affect air quality due to the smoke produced it does have considerable benefits over other fuel sources.

Proper Mining Tools for a Safe Environment

Mining takes materials from natural resources through the use of various processes that may range from something as simple as excavation to as complicated and dangerous as concrete demolitions. You can make mining safer and more efficient with the right tools. This article will help you to know more

Overfishing Leading to Disastrous Consequences and Hardships

It is no stretch of the imagination to forecast the death of all sea species in our lifetime. In fact it is becoming ever more obvious every day. As giant processing vessels now roam the oceans taking entire shoals of pelagic fish the future for all species is grim.

Waste to Energy - A Proven Green Non-Toxic Process That WORKS

The world is not only fast running out of sustainable raw materials, it is also in danger of polluting itself to death with its own mismanagement of billions of tons of toxic, polluting rubbish. Incineration and land filling are both so environmentally wasteful and represent an outright threat to wo

Why Do Consumers Choose To Drink Bottled Water?

Drinking Bottled water has turn into a trivial habit in many people's lives. Its quality is usually good and even though it can suffer from the same pollution dangers as in tap it may even be necessary, for instance in case of temporary tap contamination. Therefore, whatever the reasons, the tr

Eco Friendly Cookware and Other Green Housewares

Everyone is looking for ways to "go green" around the house these days, and why not? After all, every little bit helps. Perhaps you are already recycling as much as you can, have installed energy-saving replacement windows or are turning down the thermostat in the winter time. Is there any

The Trouble With Mattresses

Most of us spend a third of our lives sleeping on materials treated with toxic chemicals. Why would we do such a thing? The answer is that most of us are ignorant when it comes to buying consumer goods; we generally assume that what is on the store shelves is safe.

Alternative Fuel Sources - Cheaper And Eco-Friendly

As responsible human beings it is our moral duty that we leave this world a better place than we got it from our ancestors. There is an ardent need for saving the environment that is being polluted by emissions given out by the extensive use of gasoline.The conventional and traditional fuel sources

Ways to Go Green - Where You Need to Begin

Going green and having an eco-friendly lifestyle is a wise choice.There are many ways to go green, and you may be surprised at how simple it all can be.You'll not only be doing yourself a favor, but you'll be helping the environment as well.Your efforts will be rewarded through your reduce