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Invisible But Not Invincible Enemy - Hazardous Polluting Materials

The CO replaces oxygen from iron (+2) receptor sites in hemoglobin and the CO exposure is measured in ppm. The 400 ppm level exposure for one hr, causes harm to adults, the 2 hr, a slight headache to drowsiness leading to a vomiting and for 4 hr causes death. The CO2 and NO2 gases absorb infrared an

GREEN Buzzwords & Their Meanings So You Don't Get GREEN-WASHED!

GREEN, eco-friendly, organic and sustainability are buzzwords featured in sales pitches and ads. It is also equally apparent that many people selling GREEN or eco-friendly products have no clue as to what constitutes GREEN, eco-friendly, organic and sustainability. (I actually had a "discussion

Environment Friendly Products

Environmentally friendly products, reduces using all-natural methods, making goods or by making use of recycled resources to create products. They're very helpful to the ecosystem since it is a method to present that you just care about conserving your environment, setting a sample for your chi

Are You Interested In Ocean Conservation?

Ocean conservation is the protection of the ocean and sea environment, namely from man made intervention. The oceans and seas are vulnerable to the advancement of the human race. The ocean is also susceptible to man made pollution.

Solving Water Contamination Problems At Venice Beach

When the beaches of Venice started experiencing excessive contamination, local officials suspected a common source: human feces. However, that wasn't the case. After studying six DNA samples, they also ruled out dog and bird wastes. The next step was to make an educated guess as to what was cau

How to Divide Garbage to Minimize the Landfill

In most communities, reducing, reusing, and recycling waste has become a standard practice to minimize the amount of garbage going into landfills. Sorting your waste will often depend on the recycling program in your community. Most have guidelines published for residents. There are general guidelin

Levee System Coatings to Help Environmental Remediation

Now that we have drained the water out of New Orleans and into Lake Ponchartrain; we must figure out how to fix the environmental problem we have created there by pumping the pollution and toxins into the Lake.

Upgrade Your Bird Identification Skills by Learning Mnemonics

This article will help birders to learn to identify birds by their songs and calls. It uses mnemonic devices, replacing the notes of a bird song with English words, to help those who have trouble recognizing a series of musical notes.

Alternative Solar Energy - Key to a Brighter Future

This article explains why alternative solar energy is so important and why you should consider making use of solar panels to reduce your electric energy costs. It also leads you to the information and resources needed to begin building your own solar panels for your home.

Best Management Practices (BMP) EPA Guidelines

Best Management Practices (BMP) reduces the pollution in the e environment.Following BMP's protect companies from harsh fines from the PA.By following Best Management Practices companies insure they are complying with the rules and regulations that keep our environment clean and safe.

Geothermal Energy It Is Abundant, But Is It Practical?

Geothermal energy is one of the natural forms energy that is limitless and renewable. Even with all of the resources it has available, this may not be one of the energies that will replace our dependency on fossil fuels unless there is a break-through with the current technology.

Bulk Waste and How to Get it Collected in Your Area

When you have bulk rubbish, you want to get rid of it. But what do you do? Most municipalities provide a special pickup of bulk rubbish including, but not limited to boxes, furniture, bedding, and appliances.

Air Ducts Must Be Kept Clean

European pre-standard prEN15780 concerning the cleanliness is likely to lead to a significant increase around the world in the uptake of air duct cleaning services. This is likely to encourage new entrants and existing participants to xpand their activities on this growing market.

"Solar Panels and Solar Water Heaters For Everyone" Said Jimmy Carter

Jimmy Carter believed we could remove our dependency on foreign oil, and from the use of fossil fuels by using more solar energy, he was a big fan of solar water heaters in fact. A good book on this subject is: "Who Owns the Sun" but it is so anti-energy companies, you have to read it with

What's Trending in Wind Power Development Technology in India?

The most important benefit of the larger generator is that the project costs come down on every unit generated. This is an added advantage as most investors in this sector find that the initial investment in locating sites and setting up transmission paths is very high.

Introduction to Major Environmental Laws

The first attempt for regulating the environment and creating environmental services intended to comply with the regulations and promote awareness came by the hand of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), which was established by the United Nations Assembly (UN) back in 1972.

Advantages of Building With Natural Materials

Natural materials can take on new lives and shapes easily, and can be made to look like anything you could dream of. Old peeling and faded paint can be removed and a new, rich finish added to a freshly sanded piece.