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Hazardous Waste Removal for the Benefit of Mother Earth

Our world has a lot of problems that are being overshadowed by humanity's negligence. As the population increases, more land is being used up for commercial structures. Land, ocean and air alike are becoming polluted because of the irresponsibility shown by man. And because of nature's deg

Global Warming - What We Need to Know

Global warming - this is something all of us are hearing quite a lot. It kinds of creates a consciousness within ourselves about our future. So, what is global warming?

Greenhouse Gas and Livestock

Methane is the principal component in natural gas and is produced from a wide variety of natural and man-made processes. In the context of livestock, methane is produced by the group of animals know as ruminants. Cattle, sheep and goats are domestically produced ruminant animals in Australia, with o

Have You Calculated Your Carbon Footprint Yet?

Climate change has been at the top of the agenda for quite some time. However it sometimes feels as if people are leaving it to the governments to sort out with legislation and targets. The reality is that it's just as important that every individual does their bit.

A Lesson in Sustainability - Looking at Alaska Salmon Populations

Although the threat has always been there, the last several decades have brought about the realization that many of the natural resources we take for granted will soon run out. Ignoring a great deal of public outcry and firm science, many industries seem intent on running themselves dry before admit

The Earth Is Choking

An explanation of pollution and its effects on the environment. Discussion of where pollution comes from and why we must address the different degrees of damage being caused to our Earth.

Protect the Environment, Fix the Pipes

Have you ever driven past a sign for a Water Pollution Control Plant and wondered what goes on there? Have you ever flushed the toilet, and paused to ask yourself what happens to that water?

Earth Day Concerns

Pollution is always a problem to this world of ours. Air pollution is, in my opinion, the biggest in major cities and some places without trees.

Is it Expensive to Be Green?

This is a question many people have asked me and unfortunately the answer is not that easy. While, yes, to buy organic and items that are green can be quite costly, there are also many ways to be green that are very affordable.

Climate Change Policy - Does Australia Need It?

Late in 2007 Australians voted for a new centre-left government, in part because its leader Kevin Rudd was committed to climate change action. He no longer is and has replaced action with a policy vacuum. Here is one reason why that decision is a mistake.

4 Ways to Green Your Meals

Most people now realize that we all need to begin living a more planet-friendly life.There are many ways that you can make a significant contribution.They range from simple things like recycling to larger, more costly things such as solar energy for your home.It is common for people to feel overwhel

Go Green - Sell Unwanted Items Online

The adage some ones trash is another man's treasure, has never been so true as now, when you can reach millions of people online. By reusing (selling old items online) you not only contribute to the green movement by reusing, but can make a few bucks in the bargain.

Conserving Water Is Good for the Environment

Water is the elixir of life. We cannot even imagine life without water. With increased destruction of the natural fauna and flora, our world is looking more like a concrete jungle. We have already caused considerable damage to the environment.

Why Do We Fear Nature?

On Mother's day 2004 on Monterey Bay, California, a group of eco-tourists were viewing migrating grey whales. Human families watched whale families as they journeyed along the coast to feeding grounds in the Arctic. Then something happened.

Should We Make The Switch To Residential Solar Power?

Did you know that the sun will emit enough energy on to the earth in one day to power the entire planet and its needs for an entire year. Now thats an amazing thought. So it makes perfect sense that we make use of the gift that is residential solar power and convert it to the continuing perseverance

How to Prevent and Control Algae

Algae are the most irritating organisms that accumulate in ponds, lakes, reservoirs, water tanks, and any bodies of water. This article gives tips on how to prevent and control algae from the areas they usually thrive in.