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SEO Internet Article Writing Explained!

Not really sure what SEO internet article writing really means? Well, you're not alone. But if you're somebody who's trying to take your business online or if you're somebody who wants to make money through freelance writing, this is something that you need to understand by heart

Ink: How Crucial Is It?

When you read your newspaper, or pick up the colorful sheets of advertising that come to your mailbox, what do you think of? If you consider the material aspect of this printed matter, you probably think about the paper; how heavy it is, and if it's recyclable. But there is a greater element to

Anyone Can Be a Good Grammarian (at Toastmasters)

Most people who fill the Grammarian role in my club make too few observations. I believe anyone can be a good grammarian with a little bit of guidance. The biggest suggestion people can benefit from is to learn to look for what people are doing right with grammar. Below is my collaboration of gramma

Business Letter Writing - How to Write

Business letter writing is all about being formal and choosing your words correctly. Not every self-proclaimed writer is good at business letter writing because the target readers are not the casual, every day readers.

The Harlequin Romance Legacy

When people think romance novel, the first thought that pops up may be 'Harlequin Romance'. And why not? Harlequin romance novels have been around for decades and continue to be the leader in series r

Top 5 Ways to Bore Your Audience

By my estimation, I have sat through a whopping 15,372 presentations. Some were as short as 45 seconds and some were as long as 4 hours. Some were interesting, some were pithy and others were humorous. Most had content and many were actually well-researched, well-written and used humour and visual a

Article Marketing - Want to Improve Your Article Pulling Power?

Here are some tips that you can use to increase the pulling power of your articles. You will have to create some kind of spreadsheet or worksheet so that you can monitor what happened last month with your articles and traffic and make subtle changes on a regular basis to see the pulling power of you

The Various Methods Used By Writers

Writers, authors, or bloggers all have various methods to help them at their crafts. Some prefer old school writing techniques, while others go for completely traditional. Meanwhile others are into the newest technology.

Does Plagiarism Or Ghostwriting Amount To Copyright Infringement?

Ghostwriting is a profession by which a professional writer is paid to write books, articles, stories, reports, or other content which is credited to another person(1). Various celebrities, executives, political figures etc. hire ghostwriters to do the work for them and then they claim the work as t

Public Speaking: Finding Humor for Specific Industries

If you are looking for stories and humor in a specific industry, you must work a little harder than you would have to find general humor. Certain professions like medicine and law have many individual books, newsletters, and articles written about them. But if you are a plumbing executive, or you ar

Quick Article Writing - 3 Best Ways to Save Time

A lot of internet marketers are committing themselves to writing 5-10 articles per day to make their internet marketing campaign more powerful. For these people, it's very important that they know how to write each article in as little as 20 minutes otherwise, they might end up spending all the

Thoughts On Critical Aspects In Credit Score Myths

How often should I check my credit. In easy words, the borrower can easily repay the whole of the borrowed figure to the respective lender at the end of the month from his or her monthly salary without any kind of risk and hence without any kind of complications being occurred. Because credit scores

Book into a Movie -- Screenplay Format

If you want to sell your screenplay it must be formatted properly. When a producer opens a screenplay and it is not formatted properly, they throw it away without reading it. This article will teach y