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The Whole Marvelous Super Ultra Cosmic Magical Comic Book Universe

The forge of creativity & business that was Marvel Comics was a synchronic chord sounded by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko and all the authors and artists and inkers and colorists who worked there. It all started during the early 1960's when the Fantastic Four and Spider-man and the X-

Concept Art Course

What do you think how movies, games, TV shows and even cartoons or comic books come into existence? How the ideas about all these go through a full blown image of the characters? The answer to these q

Designing Logos: Do You Make These Mistakes?

Designing a logo for a client may seem simple but is, in fact, a daunting task that requires the patience and skill of an experienced designer. A logo's function is to represent a client's brand(s) or identity.

The FAQs of Airbrushes

If you have never used an airbrush in your life, or this is your first time to use one well do continue reading this article as it may provide you several basic information that you much need. If you have been using air brushes for long periods of time; it is still advisable to read this article as

Painting - Learn How to Visualize Your Painting For Greater Success

It is important to decide on your subject matter and the medium in which you wish to paint. For this example, we will imagine that it is a landscape painting and that our chosen medium is watercolors. Making these two choices are extremely important as you can then begin to plan exactly what you wis

Art foundry in the Philippines

Herbich International Art and Manufacturing Corporation is an Art foundry situated on the Island of Cebu, Philippines. It was founded in 1999 by Karl Herbich and his wife Helen. The German sister company, now managed ...

Corporate Photography Rates

How photographers should set their corporate photography rates and if corporate clients choose photographers based entirely on their corporate photography pricing.

Fascinating Examples Of Digital Photo Manipulations In The Arts

Margi Geerlinks in her 1998 piece 'Girl knitting baby', works within the space of manipulated yet intricately detailed realistic photographic images. Her images are obviously digital photo manipulated, not through the level of abstraction, but ...

What If Your Passion Was Artful?

We are tired of hearing this from our parents and anyone who claims to care about us. Do not pursue any artistic endeavor because you will get nothing out of it. Art is just not something practical is it? It is a nice hobby at best to kill time.

Mimbres Rabbit - Man Bowl

What appears to be a child like drawing on a simple shaped bowl, turns out to be an aid into the passage from life to death for the Mimbres people. The Mimbres were of a prehistoric Native American culture from parts of New Mexico and Arizona. Their distinctive pottery was not separate from their da

Why Are Paintings or Murals Created

Vatican's Sistine Chapel, the Western sides of the (former) Berlin Wall, India, the meditation caves of Ajanta and the Mayan Temple of Bonompak have in common had in common? They are all great attractions, important ...

Painting A Series Of Landscapes

Berkshire-based landscape artist talks about how to approach a series of landscape paintings. You can paint a number of different landscapes with a common theme or paint the same landscape in a number of different ways.

4 Ways To Overcome Artist's Block

Many artists suffer from artist's block from time to time. They want to paint and they have the time to paint, but they just don't feel motivated enough to pick up the paintbrush and get to work. Here are 4 ways to overcome artist's block: