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Movie Clips Can Leave You Wanting For More

The price of movie tickets is so exorbitant these days. That is why I always make sure that the money I spend will not go to waste by watching a bland movie.

The Rescue Me Retrospective

One cannot underestimate the brilliance of the first season and a half of Rescue Me. Tommy Gavin and the rest of the crew of the Ladder 62 truck showcased all the best and the worst of a "Boys Club" mentality: The endless jokes and pranks (all hilarious), the beautiful lack of sensitivity

Lab Grown Meat, The Future Today

Do you eat meat? If you do then you are part of most of the modern world and you need to know this! Many countries are adopting meat into their diets, hot on the heels of western culture's cu

TV Installers at your doorstep

LCD, plasma or Flat screen televisions look beautiful if they are mounted in walls with superb elegance and style. This can also be done at your home if you are going to get the services ...

Catch the Top Five Modern Movie Psychos on Satellite TV

Every now and then, a movie with special killer appeal comes out. In it, some fantastically nutty wackjob gives us a virtuoso performance in the art of celluloid madness. These on screen monsters are downright creepy. Their talents usually lie in the realm of killing, although some have other abilit

Charmed Season 5

Charmed season 5 was first broadcast in 2002 to 2003 on the Warner Brothers Network. Featuring 22 full length episodes following in the lives of the most powerful good witches in history, the Charmed

Movie Review: How To Train Your Dragon

Today Dreamworks releases How To Train Your Dragon on DVD and BluRay Disc. The release is highly anticipated due to the film's underdog success. Its initial opening was a decent one, but its residual and viral attention has made it a hit despite being overshadowed by James Cameron's Avatar

Which Is The Perfect Size Of Television For Home?

The perfect size of television depends on the viewing angle and room size. The bigger the room the bigger size of tv you can buy. While looking for new television user must also explore features and functionality.


Picture from the Jackovasaurus episode of South Park.

Couch Session: 'The Clockwork Girl' Co-Creator Kevin Hanna

Here I talk with co-creator of The Clockwork Girl comic book Kevin Hanna. Kevin is also directing the feature film adaptation of the film. We talk about his multi-faceted career, The Clockwork Girl film, and the development of the franchise as a whole. He talks about what it has been like to work wi

I Love Lucy History Goes on Making History

I love Lucy history began in the evening of the 15 October 1951 when the USA was treated to the first episode of a television situation comedy that was to run for 179 episodes and establish the series as a perpetual favorite. On paper the "I love Lucy" show was just a story of a marriage b

5 HD Movies Not to Be Missed on Satellite TV

Aside from sports, the biggest ticket in a satellite home entertainment package has got to be the options in movies. Film network packages can deliver the latest and hottest pictures available in your home, while the independent and classic film channels round out the picture of modern and vintage c

Too Many Sex and Violence Cases on Television News

We seem to be having way too many sex and violence court cases on Television and the media has tried to mile this for way too long. Even blowing out of proportion many cases around the nation and as it stands now there are simply; Too Many Sex and Violence Cases on Television News.

Flipped (2010): Beautiful, Inspiring!

Very seldom does a film touch you so strongly that you are forced to write about it as soon as the screen time is over. Flipped is a film that remained on my shelf for a long time for the simple reason that many high profile films with great cast grabbed my attention ahead of it. I was however surpr

What To Look For In A Satellite Tv Subscription

Not all satellite TV solutions are created equal. Some will be a good deal by nearly all accounts while others may end up taking you and your wallet for a ride. In order to avoid getting ripped off, you need to go about choosing a service in a methodical way. Be sure to take a number of important th