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How to Build a Folding Partition

A folding partition or room divider can be useful for organizing space and people in a variety of settings, including work, school, event and home settings. While purchasing enough folding partitions to accommodate your event or function can add up quickly cost-wise, designing and building your own

How To Use Scripts For Sourcing Voice Over Talent

When sourcing voice over talent it can be challenging to keep the process systematic and fair. Using a sample script that will help you immediately find the right voice artist for the right job. You can compare and contrast the different attributes they can add to each project. A voice artist not ri

Say Hello to New York and Welcome to Broadway

Planning your first visit to New York? Still have a few questions like 'where should we go, what will we do there, and is it worth the trip?' Well just relax! New York and its legendary theater district will certainly not disappoint! Take a deep breath and keep reading as we will definitel

Talk Show Gift Guide

Finding talk show gifts for talk show fans can be quite a task, although it seems like every host out there has a book or DVD collection. But in this guide, you are sure to find something unique; everything from the latest addition to Oprah Winfrey's Book Club to an older vinyl disc from Regis

How to Perform a Bulgarian Folk Dance Bread and Bird Step Combination

Bulgarian folk dancing is an interesting amalgamation of dance steps and traditions from many different cultures. Much of the country was influence by longstanding Turkish invaders throughout the medieval era. This can be seen in the large gender divided and choreographed dances that are prevalent d

The Actor's Tools - The Word

Actors are often left inventing their character's interior but they still have the words and the actions of the playwright for clues, and cues to action. No matter what the interior emotion of the actor, it is the words and actions that make the play. Find out how to bring a character to life a

Doing Easy Magic Tricks With Few Props For The Novice

If you are just beginning to think about doing magic you may be wondering how get started with learning about it. There are some magic tricks that are actually easily learned and do not need any fancy props. You can practice these with people who will just want to know how in the heck you do what yo

Secrets to How Singers Control Their Voice by Breathing and Airflow

Good, professional singing does not happen by chance. It requires a fair amount of skill and technique. Fortunately, vocal technique can be developed and learned. Once you master correct breathing and airflow, you will notice immediate changes in your voice and your singing ability. You will be able

Stage Fright Stories

This is about stage fright. There is hope and there is help to overcome stage fright. It takes some work, but it doesn't have to be hard and it doesn't have to take a long time.

Having a Wicked Time

Staring a very rotten witch from a very well known story, the Broadway musical "Wicked" debuted on October 30, 2003, in America. The musical pre-debut was May 28, 2003 in San Francisco's Curran Theatre. Based on a book by Winnie Holzman, the live performance was directed by Joe Mantel

Dance Shoes: What You Must Know Before Buying

Dance shoes can be expensive, so it's important to know what to look for when buying your first pair. I will explain the proper fit, how to find your size, the characteristics of a quality pair of dance shoes and how to care for your dance shoes.

Hosting a Murder Mystery - Play Or Party?

So you would like to host a murder mystery event but really don't know where to start. Here are some basic tips and ideas to get you started and point you in the right direction.

Outer Critics' Circle Awards

A comprehensive listing of local, regional and national theatre and performing arts awards, along with links to information, forms, applications, rules, and more.

All About Katie Couric

Find out about America's Sweetheart, Katie Couric, and how she went from a news reporter to news anchor to host of a new daytime talk show.

Easy Methods of Singing Tenor

Tenor is the highest male singing voice that is achieved without changing the sound quality; and is usually used in operas and musicals. Singing a tenor is not an easy task and can take years of practice to perfect it. Either you can sing tenor or baritone; baritone is a bass-toned voice. If one can

Develop Puppet Motions Using One Arm

Puppet arms are designed to hang naturally, so if you don't use them they still look ok. That allows beginning puppeteers to focus on developing the basics. Once you have the basics down, adding motions helps make your puppet appear even more lifelike, if done properly. The normal tendency when