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Ballet Dance - History in a Nutshell

Ballet Dance is considered to be a type of performance dance. It is said to have began in the fifteenth century as a part of the Italian Renaissance. Ballet Dance is an exceedingly technical form of dance, and it takes a vast amount of practice to master this art form. It is usually played along wit

How to Book an Acting Gig - What You Need to Know

So you want to be an actor? Well you are not alone. Thousands of people dream of having their name up in lights on Broadway or of winning an Oscar for their first feature file. Unfortunately, with all of that interest there is a lot of competition out there for actors. However, that doesn't mea

Learn to Sing on Key - How to Dazzle Your Friends With Your Singing Voice

Most people at some point in their lives probably harbor the secret fantasy of being able to confidently perform a song in front of a live audience or maybe just as a video to post on YouTube. Singing is one skill that is outwardly very obvious and no matter where they come from, people appreciate d

How to Light a Scene

Sunrises, sunsets, midday and late afternoon. No matter the season, no matter the place, the way the sunlight hits the trees and buildings affects our moods. Stage lighting designers strive to capture this effect when they plan each scene of a play or musical. Death scenes will be lighted with blues

Cloth, Cane and Character...

Part 1 of an in-depth Q&A with Basil Jones and Adrian Kohler, the Tony Award-winning team behind the extraordinary puppets of War Horse.

Productive Routines - A Step By Step Approach To Pointe Work

Whether you are a beginner in ballet classes and you are under ten years old, or a young adult beginner, you can start some clever planning to achieve your goal of dancing in pointe shoes. Productive routines done at home, with a step by step approach, will help you build strength for all aspects of

How The Theater Affects Us Today

People love live performances.This is true for people of all ages, everywhere.Even in today's modern world, there is simply nothing that can take the place of watching actors on stage.This is why live performances have remained popular throughout the generations.The theatrical performance is as

Clean Comedians: What Are They?

There are just some people who are naturally born with comic talent. There is just something in them that makes them funny. Some would be in how they act while others with how they talk. There are just different types of being funny.

Modeling Agencies - Some Are Schools and Some Are Business

Many young hopefuls visit modeling agencies in the hope of becoming superstar cover girls. While the modeling agency can be a stepping stone, very few young women actually get the opportunity to grace the runways of Milan or the pages of Vogue or Sports Illustrated.

Close-Up Magic and Why It Is So Popular

Close-up magicians are some of the most sort-after party and event entertainers. Find out why you should consider hiring one for your next party.

The Leahy Family Spreads Celtic Joy

The talented Leahy family from Canada tops the holiday season with hot fiddling and lively step dancing. They credit the lack of a home television with their virtuoso musicianship that inspires others to emulate their instrumental and clogging expertise.

The Impact of a Good Background

If you have never seen a backdrop, one place that you will see one is during a theater performance. They are normally representations of somewhere scenic. Their effect makes you feel as though you were inside that setting of the play.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Find out more about comedian Jerry Seinfeld's award-winning web series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. The short series features Seinfeld interviewing popular comics.

The Royal Variety Performance Returns to Blackpool After 54 Years!

Blackpool's Opera House Theater will host the 81st Royal Variety Performance on Monday 7th December 2009. The show was last hosted in Blackpool in 1955. Although Blackpool illuminations will officially end in November, the local council have agreed to display the famous illuminations along the

Lorgnette Opera Glasses: What Are They?

Have you ever heard someone refer to a lorgnette and wondered what it was. This article explains exactly what a lorgnette is and how it relates to opera glasses. It also explains the origins of lorgnette opera glasses and how they are used today.

How to Be a Good Singer - Tips on Being a Total Performer

Singing is a fun and enjoyable talent but it is not just about being born with such great singing voice. You can hone your talent and make use of it to the best you can if you try to develop it more and enhance it to be able to entertain your audience. Here are some tips that will help you become no