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Staying Safe on a Stage Crew

Ten more useful tips for staying safe -- and keeping others safe, as well, in your work on a stage crew.

How to Organize a Community Theater Troupe

Calling all drama queens--and kings! Community theater is perfect forserious actors as well as those who think they have what it takes tobe a star. It's also a terrific outlet for directors, set designers, costumedesigners and musicians. So enter stage left, and break a leg!

What Is Mariachi?

Mariachi, a genre of music that evolved from the Mexican state of Jalisco, is loved by people worldwide. Mariachi encompasses the instruments, dress, vocals, dance, rhythms, and cultural influences of Mexico.

Ideas for Building a Set for a Children's Play on the Birth of Christ

The nativity story is a traditional choice for a school play. However, a school stage production does not have to be stuck in the biblical times nor does it have to regurgitate the same tired stable stage set year after year. The director can offer a new or alternative perspective on a story about t

Places and Ways to Perform Romantic Love Poems and Quotes to Make Money

Living in places like New York City, California, Baltimore or other big known states and cities you are prong to perform poetry in all types of different places because it is the beginning of exposing yourself to the public. You probably will not make money at the start due to the fact that nobody k

Exercises for Belly Strength

Strengthening the stomach muscles can have a variety of benefits for the entire body. Building core strength in the abdominal muscles can help relieve back pain and improve posture, and reducing fat around the abdominal area can reduce the potential for cardiovascular disease.

Bringing a War Horse to Life Onstage

Part 1 of an in-depth Q&A with Basil Jones and Adrian Kohler, the Tony Award-winning team behind the extraordinary puppets of War Horse.

Fashion Modeling - How to Beat the Tough Competition

Becoming a fashion model is a dream-come-true for most young people. However, it is not as straightforward as it seems because just being tall and thin is not everything. Apart from being the right height and size, they consider other factors like the right skin tone and age of between 14 - 20 years

Top 10 Tabloid Talk Shows of the 1990s

Daytime tabloid talk shows and hosts of the 1990s, like Geraldo, Morton Downey Jr and Jerry Springer, were known for their melodramatic stories about infidelity, questionable paternity, sibling rivalry, murder, mayhem and the occasional Satanic cult.

How to Make a Stage Light With a Coffee Can

Making coffee can lights saves a production significant amounts of money. Proper stage lights tend to be rather pricey as the lights are designed specifically to run high-priced bulbs for long periods of time. The new shell around the light, created by the coffee can, allows you to control the direc

Let Comedy Hypnotists Rock Your Event

Getting a comedy hypnotist is just the perfect thing for a college party or a wonderfully different corporate event. Any kind of event needs to have the right kind of entertainment in order to get it rocking. Many people wonder how and where they are going to find an innovative form of entertainment

Learn Singing With Easy Steps

If you want to learn how to sing then there are few things that you need to take care of. If you were able to master these steps, then you will be able to sing easily and effortlessly.

Actors, Mind Your Manners - It Pays!

Actors, whose very livelihood depends on others, must learn "people skills." Top of the list of those skills is GOOD MANNERS. Here we explore good and bad examples of manners, all taken from real life.

Acting for Your Age

How to improve the memory when we get older is a vital topic. Did you ever think of acting and memorizing lines? Even reading to another person or trying to learn French are ways to keep the mind active. I favor acting as I write plays and I had many interesting experiences in a senior drama class c

Types of Spanish Dancing

Flamenco dancing is a signature dance of Spain.dancer silhouette image by NataV from Fotolia.comIt's likely that Flamenco, with its dramatic foot stomping and twirling movements, comes immediately to mind when you think of Spanish dancing. It is the most prominent and well-known of the...

Billy Elliot: Dreaming About Dancing

Billy Elliot is a comedy musical based on the popular 2000 film by the same name. The musical score was created by the legendary Sir Elton John and the book and lyrics by Lee Hall who also wrote the film's screenplay. The story is centred on a motherless boy named Billy who forgoes his father&a

2 Awesome Street Magic Tricks Revealed!

The David Blaine Ash Trick is the first of the street magic tricks revealed here. This is a great trick, however, keep in mind that all magic depends on your ability to perform and entertain the audience more than or equal to your ability to perform a specific trick. This trick is no different, and