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NYMF Accepting Open Submissions Through Nov. 7, 2011

Through November 7, 2011, The New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF) will be accepting open submissions for The Next Link Project, which will award twelve subsidized production slots in its 2012 Festival.

How to Set Up Stage Monitors

Providing a quality mix to performers on stage can be the difference between a memorable performance and a forgettable one. Proper monitor setup on stage allows musicians to perform with confidence, and perfecting that setup for large and small venues alike is the main goal of a good sound engineer.

Prevent Ballet and Dance Injuries in Your Nutcracker Season

Learning how to minimize the chance of dance injuries is an acquired skill. Warming up, having healthy snacks in your dance bag, and perhaps having an extra pair of pointe shoes ready to wear, will help you avoid ballet injuries.

Learning Guitar to Play For Fun

Learning how to play guitar can be a real adventure. It is very easy to learn basic strums and melodies, but exceedingly difficult to ever really master. If you want to play for fun, you will have a great past-time and hobby.

How to Start a Nonprofit Theatre

Classifying your theater as a nonprofit organization qualifies it for various grants, may exempt it from taxes and allows donors to make tax deductible contributions. When starting a nonprofit theater, you must first make some decisions regarding the theater company, its purpose and how it will run.

Let The Magic Begin! - Tips on Beginning the Art of Magic

Everyone loves Magic, whether it be from the point of sheer amazement and amusement, or from a burning curiosity about how these wonderful magical effects are done. This series of articles is an attempt to help the would-be magician and beginner to start out along the right path in a wonderful journ

What Are The Health Benefits You Can Get From Belly Dancing?

Belly dancing has been widely known for the numerous benefits that are available for women who practice this dance form. These beneficial aspects of belly dancing not merely have physical appeal but there are also psychological benefits of belly dancing. These beneficial aspects manifests themselves

Performing Magic For Children - Serious Funny Business

There is no doubt that magic is still a popular form of entertainment, especially for children. With the popularity of Harry Potter, magic is still at the forefront, but being a magical children entertainer is not for everyone - performing magic for children is a unique art form and takes some serio

Theater Speaking Techniques

Stage acting consists of various types of performances that are geared toward specific audiences in addition to theatrical skill development. Each incorporates the use of effective communication skills, including the interpretation of non-verbal expressions and speaking techniques. Dramatic performa

The Advantages of a Large DVD Collection

The more the merrier!a dvd-r disc image by wayne ruston from Fotolia.comThe digital versatile disc, or DVD, is an extremely popular home video format, able to be played back on computers, video game consoles and dedicated video players. There are thousands of titles available from...

The Recent History of Arabic Dance

Recent Belly Dance history belongs to many countries. Inevitably, throughout the years it has gone through many changes and alterations. Originally neither its purpose is the same nor its costuming. It has evolved as everything else. Before the 19th century oriental dance could be traced to the Arab

What Is Intelligent Lighting?

Intelligent lighting, sometimes called automated lighting or movable lighting, is an innovative type of stage lighting that is controlled through an automated system. These lights are capable of creating complicated effects, such as changing a stage's setting from daytime to dusk.

Beautiful Folk Dances of India

India is a country with diversity in almost every aspect of life. The article below narrates the diversity of Indian dance forms.

Taylor Swift Concert Tickets - Get Them While You Have the Chance

Taylor Swift was the best selling artist last year with both her self titled album and Fearless. By the time she was 18, she made history by being the first artist to have two albums in the top ten during the same year. Swift writes her own music, which is pretty rare for young stars.

Isadora Duncan: The Barefoot Dancer

When I was eleven years old, I was brought to the studio of a Russian dance master. I recall well the musty smells of his small, dark studio, the constant ticking of an antiquated clock, and the many old photographs of dancers from an earlier era - including some of him. His classes had no prescribe