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Upstage Right

From the performer's onstage perspective, the right-hand "top" area of the stage farthest from the audience.

How to Construct Stage Props

Stage props can be classified into three basic categories: "hand" props manipulated by actors with their hands and carried about the stage; "set" props only employed to impart a heightened sense of place and time to the set or background; and "special effect" props, which perform some special trick

How to Perform a Thread and Turn Step Combination in Bulgarian Folk Dancing

Bulgarian folk dancing is typically a simple affair. A small shepherd’s flute and bagpipe (called a “gaida”) provide the typical soundtrack, as do plain chants reflecting Greek and Macedonian influences. Though there are native Bulgarians, the majority of the nation's inhabitant

Read About the Benefits of Drama Schools

The impact of drama classes on a child is more than what a parent can normally expect. When planning out the extracurricular activities for children, many parents are limited by the time and money; as a result they end up in choosing one or two activities per year for their children. While choosing

How to Learn Mentalism - The 5 Vital Skills

Are you looking for information on how to learn mentalism? In picking up this performing act, you will need to learn first about the 5 important skills in mastering the art of mentalism.

Donkeyland, Minnesota (Part Seven - Integrity & Treachery)

Donkeyland had its old timers as well, they were always around, you just never seen much of them: Mrs. and Mr. Stanley, the old man had retired in 1959 from the Railroad, died in 1964, lived next door to the Evens, and to the opposite side, by the Williams, they'd sit on their front porch in th

Acting Extras - 5 Reasonably Useful Tips

We'd all love to famous and rich, most of us would be happy with one of these, but acting extras usually end up neither! Having said that it can be fun and also a foot in the door of the film and TV world. Here are a few tips that you may find useful.

Hire a Close Up Magician for Your Party

Many people appreciate a little show of magic in their parties and thus close up magicians are a lot in demand and they are also available in a lot of choices available for everyone and for every sort of party. You will be able to find a lot of magicians which you can choose as per the theme of your

Voice Training Program Reviews

Checking out voice training program reviews may be the best way to decide if a computer voice training program is right for you.But before you go searching, think about the positives and the negatives of learning to sing using a computer.

Magic Tricks Revealed - Impress Them With Your Psychic Powers

This is a great magic trick that will impress anybody at a bar or any other social gathering. It's fairly easy to learn, and easy to set up and do. You will convince them of your powerful psychic abilities, and earn yourself a few free drinks.

Piper to the Sovereign

In 1842, Queen Victoria with her husband Albert, took a trip to Taymouth Castle. She heard John Ban MacKenzie playing the bagpipes and was delighted. She sent a letter to her mother describing the event and told her that she had decided to have a piper.

Broadway Music

"If music be the food of life, play on." These are words that were said by the famous playwright Shakespeare. Music is even known to heal when you are not feeling well. Therefore keep in mind how strong the power of music is. We hear it everywhere and we enjoy it.

How to Make a Stage Prop Cannon

Theater often requires the audience to suspend their disbelief during the telling of the story so they can become emotionally involved in the play. It is easier for the audience to do this if you have props and sets that leave less to the imagination. Pantomiming a firearm, for example, is more dist

Magic - Why Bad Effects Are Almost As Good As Good Effects

Sometimes the people who "have the worst luck" are in the best place to use magic to the greatest effect. It's odd, but people who always seem to have a black cloud hanging over their heads are more magically powerful than the people who have smooth-running lives with very few problem

The Purpose of a Dramatic Play

For centuries, dramatic plays have been an integral part of various cultures around the world. In fact, historians trace the origins of modern theater all the way back to the fifth century B.C. in ancient Greece. While the characteristics of a dramatic play have evolved over time, the role of dramat

Vintage Scrapbook Requires Exceptional Vintage Images

Vintage images when used in the scrapbook can add some real nostalgic theme and such images can be acquired from either some artist illustration, advertisements, newspapers or any ephemera. The pictures clicked in the past can also be used as vintage images and these can showcase the best essence of

Do You Take Time to Critique Your Puppet Plays? You Should

One thing that helped improve my puppetry the most is called critiquing. Critiquing is when someone watches your performance and gives hints and suggestions to help you improve. Critiquing helps build quality into your puppet team. The better the quality of your team, the better your programs and th