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How Does Stage Lighting Work?

Purposes and ObjectivesStage lighting has four important objectives: visibility, naturalism, composition and mood (atmosphere). Visibility, of course, performs the obvious function of making objects visible on stage. Time and place is created through naturalism. Composition highlights...

NYC Prop Shops (Continued)

A quick and comprehensive guide to some of the top 'prop shops' and set design suppliers in the New York City area.

Have Pointe Shoes Will Dance

Now that you decided to join a ballet company, "what do I do now"? Have you picked a dance companyto join?

Salsa Class - Learn Dancing Techniques From the Best Salsa Class

Salsa dancing has captured the imaginations of many, and if you are eager to learn salsa, salsa class is the ideal option. While you join a salsa class, you can learn the basics form an experienced tutor and you can also share your experiences with like-minded individuals at the salsa class. The str

Late Night Shows

The late night format is what most viewers picture when they think of a talk show: comedic monologue, host behind a desk, sidekick, house band and celebrity guests.

Audition Must-Haves

There are many things actors need when they attend or participate in auditions. These are the 7 Must-haves for auditions.

How to Write a Stage Play

Writing a stage play requires great thought, imagination, creativity and patience. It requires patience because writing is often an ongoing process. The play will night be written overnight. As the days pass, new ideas will surface and in time a well thought out play can be produced.

Chucho Valdes Introduces "Chucho's Steps"

Multiple Grammy Award winner Chucho Valdes is touring with music from his latest album that represents seven years of in-depth experimentation. Along with the expected jazz, bop and swing, he incorporates deep African roots intertwined with the Catholic religion.

Magic - A Moment Away From Reality

They, meaning people or any professional especially doctors' will tell you that laughter is the best medicine. Even a child smiling is a brief moment of letting your mind takes its needed break, in the day. After all we are human and we do have emotional needs and humor should be listed at the

To Thine Own Self Be Interesting - Fun Shakespeare Facts

Ticket-buyers to Elizabethan plays, including Shakespeare's were allowed to buy and eat pears and apples during the show.If they were not satisfied with the performance, they more often than not threw them at the actors.

DIY: Play Structure

There are no rules in play-writing. Play structure is dependent on good story-telling. Traditional play-writing has a beginning, a climax and a resolution which is introduced through the characters actions, this is called exposition. Sometimes concept takes precedence over story and a play will begi

3 Things You Should Know When Selecting A Voice Over Agent (Part 2)

Most voice over artists will gladly accept any strategy or idea to secure more voice over work and who can blame them? One of these strategies is securing a voice over agent to navigate the market and bring you the best jobs possible. I aim to give you some insight into what you must understand abou

How to Do Magic Tricks - Getting Started

Here's how to do magic tricks. The best are ones you can do anywhere and anytime, whenever anyone asks, using everyday things like coins or pens or handkerchiefs. You can even borrow these items! Coin tricks and card tricks are a great place to start. For one thing, to do them well you have to

Becoming a Global Performing Artist

Competition becomes more fierce everyday. In a heartless business like entertainment, you have to always be on your toes. There is always someone nipping at your heels and they may want "it" more than you. The "it" referred to is success. Infinite glory is yours for the asking, i

Chinese Dance

As a comprehensive art form, dance is an important part of the ancient Chinese term "Yue", since Yue in Chinese includes several elements such as poems, songs, dances and music. Chinese dance has its own unique vocabulary, meanings, and ordered structure that enable a dancer to fully expre