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More On The Multifunctional Degage

A lot of focus on footwork goes to pre-pointe daily routines. Here is an addendum to the multifunctional degage ballet exercise. In working the toes to give a sharp, strong quality to jumps, as well as to pointe work,you help build strength in the foot muscles, relieving the calf muscles of overtrai

What Are Production Seats?

Production seats, also known as house seats, are seats in a theater that are claimed by the production company or the performance venue for VIPs or special guests. They are generally good seats in the orchestra section and offer an excellent view of the show. If these seats are not used, they can b

Odissi Dance Performances

As a part of worship rituals in the temples of Northern India, 'Odissi' has been one of the classical dances of India. It is an ancient dance form that originates from a state called Orissa at the east coast of India.

How to Dance Like Shakira

Shakira is a Latin pop star known for her talented vocals in both English and Spanish, and for her unique dance moves. Shakira's dancing style is a combination of different dance techniques that she has incorporated into her movements. She combines both belly dancing and hip hop moves in her perform

The Classical Spectacular at the Albert Hall

The Classical Spectacular at the Royal Albert Hall is a musical experience not to be missed. Offering a stunning laser light show, indoor fireworks, and outstanding classical music performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, this year's event will feature selections from Bizet, Strauss, Verd

So You Want to Be a Magician - Part 3

Magical entertainment takes various forms and use varying performance frames. Mind Magic (Mentalism) is very popular at the moment. You need to consider where your interests lie.

Four Recital Etiquette Tips For Teachers

Recital Etiquette is an important social skill. The piano teacher can provide a positive influence and help build up a community of responsible musicians.

How to Learn About Tattoo Needle Sizes

The size of the needle a tattoo artist uses to perform a tattoo depends on the design's size and detail. Knowing what type of needle to use for a tattoo comes from acquiring a professional apprenticeship. An aspiring tattoo artist must learn the difference between a round, magnum, liner, shader or f

Spider-Man Video Screen Shot 9

A brilliant new promo video from the creators of Spider-man, Turn off the Dark showcases snippets of the production in progress, from costume sketches and sets, to the show's much-talked-about flying stunts, to glimpses of the show's principals and dancers singing, leaping, and embracing.

Dance Salsa and Burn Calories

If you want a fun way to burn calories then salsa is the way to go. This is because you will be able to learn one of the hottest dances that have hit the dance clubs, impress some people with your newly acquired moves, and also shed some of that weight you would rather not have while building muscle

3 Acting Tips For Nailing Your Next Audition

All professions require a job interview. As an actor you will also need to attend a job interview, or audition to get the part you're after. This is the opportunity to demonstrate your ability to bring a character to life, get the attention of the casting director, and show your acting range. S

How to Become a Contestant on Family Feud

"Family Feud" is a show that doesn't cease changing, but it has staying power to rival that of many other game shows in the world. When it first came on the scene in 1977, Richard Dawson was its first proud host. He was replaced with Ray Combs, who was the host from 1988 to 1994. Unfortunately, Comb

Stage Visual Effects

Creating the look of lighting on stage requires special effects.lightning image by blaine stiger from Fotolia.comVisual effects for the stage can add flare or realism to a performance. A nearly endless variety of effects are available to those working on stage productions, limited only by...

MacBeth Analysis

The idea of deception is one of the main ideas throughout the course of Macbeth. Most characters in this play are found out to be involved in a case of deception, in one way or another. The theme runs consistent throughout the play, and is one of the main motives behind much of the action that takes

Choosing a Monologue For a Stage Audition - 7 Most Common Mistakes

The choice of monologue can be crucial in landing you that great role, but many actors still make fundamental mistakes when choosing their monologues. Most of these mistakes can be easily avoided if you know what to look out for. This article outlines some of the the most common mistakes and suggest

Lucky Guy: Of Pulitzers, Tom Hanks on Stage, and Broadway

Broadway is one of the most celebrated performing arts venues ever since it made its public debut in the early 1900s. Various plays were brought to life -- all thanks to Broadway. And New York is still teeming with life with a wide variety of performances up to this day. One of the most sought-after

Roundabout Theatre Company to Honor Marshall at Spring Gala

Led by Artistic Director Todd Haimes, The Roundabout Theatre Company announced recently that it will present its annual 2012 Spring Gala on Monday, March 12, 2012, at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City, in an evening honoring Academy Award, Tony, Emmy and Golden Globe nominee Rob Marshall.