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How To Improve Your Bollywood Dancing Using Yoga

Professional dancers need to go above and beyond to gain a cut above the competition. Dancers can hit a plateau and when this happens, technique is only maintained rather then improved. Dancers have several options to turn to when this happens.

How to Cha Cha Slide

The cha cha slide dance has become one of the most favorite dance moves in the history of dancing. It is created by DJ Casper, also known as Mr. C, and began as a song, popularized by many music stations. Learning how to cha cha slide is easy. If you want to know how, you may consider reading this a

How to Belly Dance With a Sword

Belly dancing with a sword makes you feel powerful. After all, you're holding a weapon, and the ability to handle that weapon with both precision and grace feels invigorating ... it's also a very impressive spectacle for audiences. If you're new to sword dancing, don't be afraid: it's actually ea

Salsa Dance Instruction DVD - How To Never Fall Off Rhythm

Were you born with two left feet? Or are you a person that just can't seem to understand rhythm and dance on the right beat? Well have no fear because I am here to help you. And all you have to do is follow my simple instructions exactly how I say and you will never miss a beat again!

How To Be a Guest on The Dr. Phil Show

Do you have a compelling story and want to be a guest on ‘The Dr. Phil Show’? Follow this short step-by-step to get your chance to be on the show.

Voice Over Auditions

A little like dancer auditions or try outs for plays and shows, voice over auditions work in the same way. An ad agency will call upon a few voices from powerful directory sites like Radio Talent or voice over agents such as Hobson's International and ask the companies to suggest a few candidat

The Pleasure Of Dancing And The Rewards Of The Performance

Dancing is one of life's greatest and oldest pleasures. It brings an improvement in health and fitness, and a sense of well-being to the participant. There is a good deal of dedication and application required to learn each dance proficiently, but the dancer will be rewarded with a positive sen

Broadway Musical Costume Ideas

Whether you have a big or small budget, you'll want your Broadway style show to look as well-costumed as possible. You may not always be able to hire costume designers and seamstresses to work on your show, but you can still find ways to purchase or make costumes through the help of the cast, crew o

A Powerful Mind Reading Trick You Can Perform Right Now

Before I tell you the trick, it's a trick that should be used alongside some regular powerful mind reading tricks. The reason for it is because it doesn't work 100% of the time, but don't let that put you off. I personally have a 90% strike rate and it's so simple to perform you

Do Your Puppet Plays Deliver the Whole Package?

Do you focus all your attention on your puppet plays and rush through your introduction and application? If you do, you're not giving a full presentation. This article takes a look at some reasons to include a well-crafted introduction and application to your puppet plays.

Dance Ministers Are Not Their Own

Praise Dancers all over the world continue to operate in the natural. This will definitely affect your spiritual success as a dancer for God. They are ignoring the Holy Spirit and because of this, missing the path God has for their life as a dance an in general. Read this article to examine yourself

What to Expect When Learning Hip-Hop Dancing

If you're a fan of today's modern pop, hip-hop and dance music, then the chances are excellent that you've fantasized about taking up hip-hop dancing yourself. Perhaps you've even thought casually about signing up for hip-hop dance lessons! Hip-hop dance is a quickly growing, pop

Cantina's Remorse (A Shannon O'Day Sketch)

From a little after the abortion until almost the middle of fall, now in school, at Washington High School, off Rice Street, near Maryland, during these chilled days of October, Catherine O'Day (better known as Cantina sat in what Miss Hildegard Kremer, librarian, who had attended the Universit

How to Create Actor's Resume

An actor's resume must follow certain preset guidelines. It must be professional, well-written, and complete without being exhaustive. You must list all of your past and current training, along with your experience, talents, skills, etc. A theatrical resume is different than a typical job resum

The Use of Puppets

Puppets are actively used in education and entertainment fields to teach important lessons or to entertain countless people. They provide the illusion of living beings interacting with other living beings.