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All About Salsa Dance Classes

Dance is one of the best forms of relieving the stress. There are nearly more than hundred different dance forms across countries. Salsa is one of the dance forms which are famous in Los Angeles.

Learning Magic Tricks Online

There are different kinds of magic tricks that can be performed and you can have the kind that would personally suit your style. There are some easy tricks that can be performed as well as harder ones. This means that you can start with the simpler tricks as a beginner and improve when you already h

How to Play the Big Lebowski Drinking Game

"The Big Lebowski" is a comedy released in 1998, directed by the Coen brothers. "The Big Lebowski" stars Jeff Bridges, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, Sam Elliott, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Julianne Moore. The movie has become a cult classic and is shown at a yearly festival called Lebowski Fest. A po

Reading Poetry - How to Avoid Monotony

The speech event of Poetry Interpretation can be the most challenging in regards to how to read verse. It is easy to fall into monotony when reading poetry aloud. However, there are a few precautions you can take to ensure your Poetry Reading is exciting and pleasant to listen to.

What is an Actor's Union?

Similar to most labor unions, an actor's union is an organization that represents actors in show business, ensuring actors receive just pay, fair treatment and decent working conditions. Simply put, an actor's union protects actors against exploitation and mistreatment.

Common Mistakes Teen Models Commit

Modeling was once a reserved undertaking for very few people who had the heart and passion to do it. Not many people even though passionate about modeling ventured into it. How times have changed!

Staying the Acting Course

The importance of goal setting cannot be overestimated in any venture. Without a goal, how will you know what progress you are making?

Kilt Dance

The great tradition of dance in Scotland is, of course, connected with kilts. There are generally three different styles of Scottish traditional dance: ceilidh dancing, country dancing and Highland dancing.

Why Should You Bother With Vocal Warm Ups?

Do I Really Need To Do Vocal Warmups? In short - Yes! There are well over 100 muscles that contribute to the function of the human voice - and possibly more if you are overdoing it. Gentle warmups in the form of physical stretches and low energy vocalising help to get the blood flowing and supply th


The area behind the stage for the cast and crew that is out of sight of the audience.

History of Movie Ratings

The history of movie ratings in the United States has been an ever-evolving system. It began with a politician putting forth a puritan code that lasted for almost four decades and now is a system that tries to give enough information that the movie goer can decide if a particular movie suits his tas

5 West End Musicals That Were Once Movies

It used to be that London's West End looked to great literature for inspiration when searching for the next hit musical. Lionel Bart used Dickens' Oliver Twist for his hit when penning Oliver! And Andrew Lloyd Webber looked to France and writer Gaston Leroux for his Phantom of the Opera.

Who Composed Phantom of the Opera?

The unforgettable music in "The Phantom of the Opera" evokes powerful emotions and emphasizes the vocal skills of the performers from the beginning organ music that recurs throughout the musical to the final notes. Without the composer of the haunting music, "The Phantom of the Opera" couldn't be th

Just A Stage - A Theatrical History of Albany, New York

These days, theater-minded residents of New York's Capital Region seldom have far to go or long to wait to feed their hunger for the stage. But consider the plight of culture-starved Albany residents of an earlier day.