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Make Money Writing Music at Home

With the new digital age of music upon us, there are several options available for musicians and producers to make money writing songs from home. With thousands of music publishing companies available at your disposal, your home based recording business can be very lucrative.

Interview with Vocalist Peter Eldridge

Charlie Christenson interviews vocalist Peter Eldridge. They discuss the current state of the jazz industry, and the many projects Eldridge takes on. Here is part one of the interview.

Spontuneous a Lyric Game for the Family

Isn't it great to spend time with the family, talking about the little things, discussing your day, playing board games…wait a minute, board games, did you say? Well, before television, computers and video games started ...

A Great Gift for Any Teen - iPod Remote!

Teens love to listen to music...especially with a convenient Apple iPod! That's why an iPod remote control makes such a great gift for any teen boy or girl. Most teens are active and almost always ...

How to Fix a Bubble on a Tacoma Guitar Finish

With a few exceptions, most Tacoma acoustic guitars built in the past few years use a UV urethane gloss or satin finish. Fortunately, the supplies needed to fix this type of finish are available from most hardware or home-improvement retailers.

Songwriting - Why bass players have the key

An article explaining the main reasons bass players should get involved with songwriting as well as develop their musicianship. Songwriting is an important part of the overall game of being a bass pla

Los Angeles Music - The Music From the City of Angels

Being one of the most important cities in the world for the film industry, it is no wonder that Los Angeles is also one of the most important sites in the world for the recorded music industry. Even some of its landmarks, like Capitol Records, which is shaped like a stack of albums, is representativ

Copyright Issues With Playing Published Music in Public

There's a reason why most restaurants refrain from singing "Happy Birthday" when presenting customers with a cake. For a business to play published music in public, it must purchase a license from a music publisher.

Look for Enhance the Ambience Furniture UK

To save money on business furnishings that will probably see a lot of abuse during its lifespan in your office, buying cheap office furniture is a great way. To invest your money back into your ...

Footprints in the Sand, Two Versions

This article presents the background of two versions of a song whose title almost all of us who speak English know. The song is Footprints in the Sand.

Rockabilly Gems Emerge From the Depths of Obscurity

Rockabilly music maintains a level of obscurity as a genre. To those of us who love rockabilly and listen to lots of rockabilly songs, it's easy to forget that many people don't even know what rockabilly is. So, while one could legitimately argue that rockabilly itself is obscure, there&ap

How to Buzz a Mouthpiece

When playing a brass instrument, the sound of your horn starts with a mouthpiece buzz. How to accurately buzz a mouthpiece is one of the first steps you should learn and is crucial for correct playing. With the proper embouchure and buzz, your sound, range and tone will improve dramatically. Buzzing