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How to Measure Meat on a Scale

Exact meat portions enable cooks to use the correct amount of meat for a particular recipe. If you are following a food plan, you may have a specific amount of meat designated for a meal. Having the butcher or deli associate portion meat for you using a professional scale is the ideal way to measure

Cocktail Bollywood Movie Music Review

Piedpiper Pritam Chakraborty brings together artists from different backgrounds for the soundtrack, which is supported by the wordings of Irshad Kamil of 'Rockstar' fame, to create an eclectic 'Cocktail' that strikes the right note with its youthful fervor.

Tap Your Feet With Tap Dancing

Gone are the days when dancing was meant to learn by looking to the dancer’s steps. No more spending on the traveling to the classes. Here we have tap dance lessons at your home in your pc. is the new source of your learning tap dancing all the way like professional ta

How to Sing a Song Into the Computer to Record Voice & Find Notes

Thanks to digital technology, it is possible to record a song onto your computer --- and to decipher the notes you're singing as well to help you write down the melody. Using nothing more than your computer, a simple microphone, some free software and a guitar tuner, you now can easily figure out ho

Parts of a Snare Drum

The snare drum is a very common instrument but has a number of important parts that make it work. This article describes and explains the parts of a snare drum so that you can better understand how to maintain and tune your snare drum!

How to Play Clawhammer Banjo

Clawhammer-style banjo is at least twice as old as bluegrass banjo and probably much older. The banjo's origins are African and the clawhammer technique is indebted to the African ancestry of the instrument. Clawhammer banjo is associated with the Appalachian Mountain regions of the southeastern Uni

How to Write Popular Music for Bands

Not every popular band writes all of its own songs. Bands like Aerosmith and the Dixie Chicks have scored big hits with songs they didn't write. In many of these cases, professional songwriters come into play. You can write popular music for bands by writing catchy music in familiar arrangements, ta

Josh Turner

View photos taken at Josh Turner's Fan Club Party, held at Rocketown on June 8, 2006.

Learning Piano Chords (The Right Way)

Thought about learning (piano chords)? It's a wonderful way to play the piano. I personally play chords more than anything when creating music. Here are some of my person tips for those of you who want to get started.

How to Create Techno Beats

While countless programs allow music enthusiasts to create custom beats at home, the process of making techno beats requires the use of a basic formula, since techno music plays by its own set of rules. In other words, you must remain mindful of specific techno music conventions in order to get just

Grupo Niche - Best Songs

A playlist with the best songs by the famous Salsa band from Colombia including hits like "Cali Pachanguero" and "Una Aventura".

What is stereo

An explanation of how stereo sound works and how we hear it.

Comparison of Violin Bows

The violin has changed in its design and musicality -- its ability to produce sound -- since its invention in the late 16th century, and so has its inseparable companion, the bow, according to the Corilon website. As the violin advanced in design it required accompanying changes in the bow that was

Various Artists - City Folk Live 8 (WFUV)

One of New York City's best radio stations, WFUV, has released the eighth compilation of recordings made during its show, City Folk Live. The disk, featuring Patti Smith, Moby, M Ward, Mary Gauthier, Nancy Griffith, and others,

Who First Recorded "Baby It's Cold Outside"?

Several winters have come and gone since the first recording of Frank Loesser's "Baby It's Cold Outside." The writer performed the song for friends for years before it was actually recorded. This song has stood the test of time. It's many covers have made it brand new to many generations o

Andy Griggs Archery Tournament

View photos taken at Andy Griggs' Archery Tournament, held at Lot R. East at the Coliseum parking lot, on June 8, 2006.