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Learn More About the Blues Music

What do you know about the blues music? This article will give us more about one of the most listened music genre.

Buying a Premium Steinway Piano

Purchasing a top of the line piano is a completely different proposition than buying a standard inexpensive instrument. Steinway is the Mercedes of pianos, largely for good reasons. It is the only piano that holds its value, except for a few rather obscure German brands. Even poorly rebuilt, they ca

Violin Buying Tips For Beginners - Should I Buy Online?

Many people ask the question if they should buy a violin online as a beginner. I consider buying a violin online a risky way to pick out an instrument because you never know what you are getting. It is hard to find a good deal on a violin online as a beginner because you don't really know how g

Classic Piano Course For the Budding Pianist

The first thing you need to look for when you are looking for a classic piano course is of course that is taught by professional classical musician that has been highly trained in the field. There are many courses online that can give you classical courses, but you want an instructor who has been tr

How to Make a Record Label

Starting your own independent record label may seem like a very difficult and costly endeavor at first. However, once you understand the process involved, the task becomes much simpler. While there are costs associated with starting almost any type of business, the expenses of day-to-day operation,

Piano Tuning And The Safety Issues Involved

When you think about the sheer number of strings in a piano - multiples per key, remember - and the tension to which they are stretched, you realize that there must be a colossal amount of force trying to break the piano in two. This explains the need for such heavy construction - a frame of cast ir

Why Comparing Guitarists Makes No Sense

It is interesting and funny to see how so many guitar players worldwide through channels like for example YouTube, are spending a great deal of their time comparing their favorite guitarists to each o

How to Change Taylor Guitar Strings

Taylor guitars came into existence in 1974 when Bob Taylor began making his instruments. Taylor makes acoustics and semi-electric guitars. Jewel, Bryan Adams and Dave Matthews are some of the artists who use Taylor guitars. Changing strings on a Taylor guitar is the same as changing strings on other

Some Facts You Should Know About the Bass Guitar

It can be interesting to know that even if you have not played a bass guitar before you will be able to play it with just a few lessons and a little practice. Slapping and popping techniques can be learned as you go along practicing the musical instrument. Many famous and popular bands have this bas

How to Convert FLAC to CDA

FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec, and is an excellent way to compress music while maintaining the quality of the original file. FLAC does not change the file format; rather, it compresses it, like Winzip does. To convert FLAC files to the CDA format, follow these suggestions.