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How to Get Thursday's Pendant in "DragonFable"

Thursday's Pendant is a special item in the online role playing adventure game "DragonFable." You receive it as a reward for completing the Haunted House quest in the spooky town of Amityvale, where the non-player character Thursday recruits you to defeat the monsters inside the Haunted House and re

Runescape Money Making Using Farming

There are ways on Runescape you can make a hundred million gold every few hours - this isn't one of them. But the problem with the more complex methods is that the people making the big money don't want to reveal all their secrets, and the people who want the money don't want to put t

How to Get to Blackthorn City in Pokémon "SoulSilver"

In "Pokemon SoulSilver," Blackthorn City sits isolated in the northeast section of the Johto region. Once you've foiled Team Rocket at the Goldenrod City Radio Tower, you can travel west from Mahogany Town and trek through several areas that ultimately lead to Blackthorn City. The city is home to th

Can You Make Money Playing Online Poker?

There are many people who play online poker just to have a bit of fun and relax at the end of a hard day at work.For some people this is the way that it begins.However, after a period of time playing the games online, it can become quite a passion.Some people begin to realize that there is money to

Island Games for Kids

Island games for kids teach valuable lessons about natural island resources.tropical island, paradise island image by Mikhail Basov from Fotolia.comThe natural island resources available on an island provide loads of adventurous learning opportunities for children. Games that explore...

Fun Burger Games

Burgers may not be the most nutritious or healthy of snacks, but they continue to rank as one of the most popular fast-food choices for kids and adults alike. Fun burger games test players' ability to create virtual burgers, as well as serve virtual burger-establishment customers in an accurate, tim

How to Buy Diecast Cars & Trucks at Retail & Wholesale Prices

Some people fondly look back at the time when they were children playing with old diecast cars. This is one of the reasons why collecting diecast cars is a hobby enjoyed by many. This hobby is expensive for die-hard collectors as some cars cost hundreds of dollars. With that in mind, finding diecast

Sims 2 TV Troubleshooting

One of the items in the game The Sims 2 that you can purchase for your virtual characters is a television set. Your Sims will use the television set to unwind after a hard day's work, which improves their mood. Certain computer graphics cards have a hard time displaying the video information contain

WoW - Making Gold in Cataclysm

Wanna make tons of gold in Cataclysm? Check out this article to find the latest tips on how to prepare for the upcoming expansion and make tons of gold the first week after launch!

How to Play PS1 Games on a PSP Without CFW

Custom Firmware, or CFW, is a popular third-party firmware modification that lets you play a variety of homebrew games on your Sony PSP, including backups of your original PlayStation games. However, if your PSP is running the official Sony firmware, Sony has provided a way to download and play your

PlayStation 2 Game Cheats for "Mortal Kombat: Armageddon"

The 2006 game "Mortal Kombat: Armageddon" is an all-star reunion, as every character from the series' history returns to stave off the end of the world. This title also includes a few new characters and new modes such as "Create A Fatality." The game also offers a number of cheats, which you can use

Wondering Whether You Should You Buy an Xbox 360 Or a PS3?

We are in the age of the next generation of consoles, and it's quite a battle between Microsoft's highly powerful Xbox 360 and Sony's highly touted Playstation 3. Which has a cleared path to victory? Which is a better investment for consumers? Which can provide the best gaming experie

How Do You Speed Up Time in the Game "Pokemon Gold Version"?

Whether you want to boost the growth rate of your Pokemon or just watch the landscape change with the seasons, sometimes you need to speed up time in "Pokemon: Gold Version." The game's time system is based not on seconds or minutes, but on the number of steps you take. The best way to spe

Free Online Games – One Too Many

What can be said about free online games, except that they have eased out a lot of troubles for everyone. The computer game freaks can now spend even more part of the day testing their skills in front

How Do I Change My "Dragon Age: Origins" Account on the PS3?

The BioWare Social Network, founded by Electronic Arts, is a network where players can track their achievements, message online friends and view win/loss records. As of July 2011, BioWare Social Network manages accounts for "Dragon Age: Origins," "Mass Effect 2" "Dragon Age II" and "Warhammer Online

Cheats for Dragon Warrior on the NES

The role-playing game "Dragon Warrior" was developed by Chunsoft and published by Enix in Japan for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). In this game, you have to advance through the various stages in order to defeat the DragonLord and rescue the king's daughter. Using a few cheats can make "Dra