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How to Remove a Subwoofer in a Lincoln Navigator

Select models of the Lincoln Navigator came equipped with a factory-installed subwoofer as a part of the car stereo system. If you want to up the performance of the system by installing a higher-performance subwoofer in your vehicle, you'll first need to remove the existing Navigator sub. This will

Testing the Video Performane of the BenQ W1080ST DLP Video Projector

The BenQ W1080ST is an affordable 3D-capable DLP video projector incorporates a short throw lens that provides very large images without the need for a long projector-to-screen distance. As an adjunct to my review, check out some video performance test results for the BenQ W1080ST.

Garmin C330 Vs. C340

Referred to as "counterparts" on the Garmin website, the Garmin C330 and C340 are almost as much alike as their names indicate. The two Global Positioning System (GPS) units have the same basic features and are identical to each other in every way but one. Both lack the bells and whistles of more ad

How to Use a Nikon N90

The Nikon N90 is a traditional film camera. As of 2010, most photographers are more familiar with digital cameras than they are film, so operating an older model can have a steep learning curve. Fortunately, the N90 has several automatic features that will make shooting as simple as possible. Once t

How to Make a Temporary TV Antenna

Television today is not what it used to be. The images nowadays are more sharp and well-defined, and the resolution is crystal clear. One of the most popular choices is HDTV, also referred to as high-definition TV or digital TV. If you are waiting to buy a manufactured antenna in a store or you're s

Mobile phone jammers, when a disturbance can be welcome

At work, when secrecy and discretion are important, there is always the possibility that someone might try to breach them from outside, in order to gather information that can be used against you at a ...

How to Connect Two 12 Inch Subwoofers to a Mono Amplifier

Mono car audio amplifiers are typically designed for doing one thing well--driving subwoofers. They boast high power output and can handle the low impedance of multiple subwoofer hookups. Because there's only one set of speaker outputs, wiring is simple in cases where the goal is to drive two single

Video Surveillance Trends in 2013

The video surveillance industry saw tremendous changes in this year, the new year will be equally eventful in terms of new trends and opportunities in the industry. Let us look at the likely trends in ...

How to Import a CSV File to a BlackBerry

Importing contacts from your Microsoft Outlook account into your BlackBerry device requires the help of a Blackberry Desktop Manager. The Desktop Manager acts as a liaison that converts and separates the various fields so that they can be read by the BlackBerry device. When contacts transfer from or

How do I Convert Google Maps to a GPS Edge 305?

Designed for cycling enthusiasts, the Garmin Edge 305 is a mobile GPS device receiver designed to attach to bicycle handlebars. Aside from its ability to monitor your heart rate, measure your speed, and record your laps, the Garmin Edge 305 can also look up and navigate to preset locations. As par

How to Add a Playlist to a Creative Zen

Before MP3 players, such as the Creative Zen, taking a large music collection with you everywhere was difficult. Audio cassettes and CDs are bulky, but with the Creative Zen, you're able to leave them at home. The Zen stores hundreds of your favorite songs, making it possible to play music from any

Backlighting Options In Membrane Keypads

The membrane switch is a switch used for turning a circuit on and off. This touch sensitive device is created by printing, cutting and laminating of thin film plastic material. Electrical contact is m

How to Build a Vertical Dipole Antenna

A dipole antenna, created in the late 1800s, consists of wires that transmit or receive radio frequency energy. You can make a simple dipole antenna that can be used in a vertical position from a few lengths of wire, coaxial cable such as used for cable TV connections and an antenna input connector