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How to Copy Data From Foxtel IQ to a PC Computer

Foxtel is a cable provider located in Australia. With the Foxtel iQ you can record television programming at any time and play it back when you choose. If you want to copy and record the video information from the Foxtel iQ to your PC you need to hook up the equipment directly to a TV tuner card ins

How to Connect a Time Warner Digital Box to an LCD TV

Enjoying the clarity, quality and convenience of Time Warner Digital Cable makes owning an LCD television set all the more worthwhile. If you have a Time Warner digital cable box and an LCD TV, you can experience digital cable without having to wait for a service technician to visit.

Halogen Light Bulb Varieties

Halogen bulbs are found everywhere.light bulb image by Zbigniew Nowak from Fotolia.comHalogen light bulbs are one of the most common light bulbs seen wherever you go, from houses to offices to cars. Halogen bulbs contain a gas compound that keeps the light source steady and bright while...

Overview Of Quality Digital Prints

When families have taken a range of wonderful photographs on their most recent vacation, they will likely need a way to print them out so that they can send them off to friends and relatives. ...

Speaker Placement Guide

High-quality speaker systems and home theater systems can bring a whole new dimension to movie watching, television watching or gaming. The three types of speaker configurations are 2.1, which include two speakers and a subwoofer; 5.1, which includes three front speakers, two surround sound speakers

How to Date a Canon FD Lens

Canon FD lenses are old lenses produced for Canon film cameras. FD lenses were manufactured first in 1971, and were the leading type of Canon lenses until being replaced by the EF lenses in 1987. Canon FD lenses are still available from private sellers, and can be purchased for use on older Canon FD

Canon EOS: 30D Vs. XTi

The Canon EOS 30D and EOS Digital Rebel XTi are both Digital-Single Lens Reflex (D-SLR) cameras. The initial differences are aesthetic, with the EOS 30D being a much larger camera, and the EOS Digital Rebel XTi adopting a more compact size. The choice between the two cameras is mostly a matter of pr

How to Create a Secure Mobile App?

One of the most important issues affecting the development and deployment of mobile applications is security of the software. A mobile app can be termed as successful only if it generates a large numb

How Visi Cooler and Deep Freezer Can Preserve Your Products?

Refrigerators have become necessary equipment for every kitchen in our home today. Almost everyone needs something to store their food in preventing them from spoiling. There has been lot of drastic changes in technological advancements ...

How to Clean a Bausch & Lomb StereoZoom 4 Microscope

With its single objective lens, binocular eyepieces and open, swiveling base, the Bausch & Lomb StereoZoom 4 is a useful microscope for a number of applications. However, like all microscopes, the StereoZoom 4 must be cleaned properly for effective microscopy. Using the right tools and technique, th

How to Make Voice Commands on a Phone Read the Caller ID

Your mobile phone may come with features such as voice commands. Voice commands allow you to tell your phone what you want to do. For example, you would say "Call Aunt Sally" if you want to call your Aunt Sally in Washington. You may also have your phone read out the caller identification (ID) infor

DIY Projector Box

The home theater experience is defined by immersion and big production values. An easy way to achieve immersion is with a projector. But electronic projectors can be expensive, as can their maintenance. The cheap and effective alternative is to harness the laws of physics and bend light from an exis

How to Adjust a WildBlue Satellite Dish

A WildBlue satellite dish allows you access High-Speed Internet. WildBlue uses a satellite that is in orbit just south of Texas at 111.1 degrees west longitude. You can retrieve the exact coordinates for your location from your receiver's set-up menu. A properly installed mast that is pointing the d