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Video: How to Put Non iTunes Music on an iPhone

Video Transcript Hey, I'm Skylar. It really doesn't matter where your music came from. You can get it on your iPhone just follow along with me. Open up iTunes and in iTunes go to Preferences. On a PC that's under edit but on a Mac it's under iTunes. So go to preferences and this screen...

How to Set Up Widescreen for TV Using the Sky Decoder

Sky Television is the United Kingdom's largest pay-TV operator with around 10 million customers receiving digital and high-definition, premium TV channels via satellite. All Sky TV customers get a satellite receiver, known as a "digibox," as part of their subscriptions. The

How to Build a Multi-Speaker Speaker Box

Speaker boxes are made in many different ways. Some have only one speaker, or driver, that is designed to emphasize a particular frequency range, such as a bass woofer or mid-range driver. A multi-speaker box provides a full range of frequencies for optimum sound reproduction. It is possible to make

How to Enable Java on a BlackBerry

Without JavaScript enabled on your BlackBerry, you may not be able to view parts or all of certain websites while browsing the web. The BlackBerry smartphones make enabling JavaScript optional, because when it is enabled, it uses more memory on the phone. Once you enable JavaScript you will be able

Instructions on Making International Phone Calls

At times, you may need to make an international phone call, whether for business reasons or keeping in touch with friends or family who are living overseas. Making an international phone call is little different than making a phone call to a number in the United States. Following a few simple proced

How to Make SMS Ringtones

Creating you own SMS ringtones allows you to create personalized SMS ringtones for your phone's contact list to help you distinguish between texters. Creating these ringtones is quick and free.

Problems Activating the Digital Adapter From Comcast

Comcast is one of the larger cable providers in the country. When using Comcast cable, you are required to use a digital receiver. This receiver accepts the digital programming and unscrambles it so the TV is able to produce the video content. However, if you are having trouble activating the digita

How to Use Digital Cam for Thermal Imaging

A digital camera uses something called a charged couple device (CCD) to translate an image to 1s and 0s to produce a digital photograph. It's easy to change a digital camera into a thermal imaging device by removing the infrared filter, which will allow you to take photographs even when it is dark o

How to Make an HDTV Antenna out of Clothes Hangers

Building your own antenna can help cut costs. Being able to utilize items from around the house to complete the task goes a long way to making the process even better. Antennas use wire elements to receive the HDTV broadcast signals, which are then sent to the HDTV. Metal coat hangers can take on th

HTC wildfire S - All set to rock the mobile souk

In The UK market, the mobile deals will enable the consumers to buy the dynamic HTC wildfire S at a cheap rate. It is the latest device from the company ready to take its place in the mid-range widget

How to Remove Call Forwarding on AT&T

AT&T subscribers who are on the road frequently can employ a service known as call forwarding. This service automatically transfers calls to your land-line phone to another phone, such as an office line or a cell phone. However, if you plan to be available for an extended period of time, cancel your

Samsung Mobile Phones: the Iconic Brand

The Samsung mobile phones have made commendable achievement in the mobile phone markets these days. They are gaining popularity due to their innovative designs and excellent features.