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How to Create a Music Mix

Whether for a long road trip, waiting time for an appointment or as a gift for the one you love, a music mix works. Mix tapes have been thought the standard since they became popular in movies during the 1980s. However, mix CDs or playlists on an MP3 player like the Apple iPod have now become the po

How to Fix a PS3 When It's Not Coming on the TV

Sony's PlayStation 3 entertainment console can connect to a television via either an HDMI, component, composite or S-video connection. If you are not receiving any error warnings but your PS3 system is not displaying anything on your television, it may be that your system's video output settings are

How to Unlock a Nokia 8800 Sirocco

The tri-band Global Systems for Mobile Communications (GSM) based Nokia 8800 Sirocco was originally released in early 2005. The phone was discontinued and is no longer in production. GSM-based cellular phones feature a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card that allows the cellular service provider t

How to Mail a Cell Phone

Sending a phone to someone through the mail can be crucial, like when a family member has forgotten his phone when leaving for college or when leaving on an extended trip. Individual cell phone distributors find proper shipping important when mailing phones to customers who have purchased them onlin

Viewsat Ultra Set-Up Instructions

The Viewsat 2000 Ultra receiver connects multiple media components together, such as stereos, satellites, and TVs, and allows you to control them all from one central unit. Once you've obtained your receiver, you'll want your favorite channels programmed and your unit working perfectly in tandem wit

Difference Between Pioneer Kuro & Kuro Elite

The KURO is a series of flat-panel high-definition televisions (HDTVs) from Japanese-based digital entertainment manufacturer Pioneer Corp. It is divided into two lines: the regular KURO version, and the more advanced KURO Elite version. As of June 2010, the PDP-5020FD and PDP-6020FD comprise the KU

Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers are vital to any electric system from business to residential. They protect from power surge which may damage sensitive equipment. One must know the breaker from the inside out. We'll cover these two ...

DIY iPhone 4 Tripod

With the many improvements to the iPhone 4 camera compared to previous versions, more people are using the device as a still camera and video camera than ever before. When shooting video or still photos, you may wish to mount the iPhone on a tripod for more stable shots and smoother panning. There a

Major Camcorder Accessories- Have a Look!

A camcorder is a high-end gadget designed to meet the advanced video recording requirements of individuals. Let us have a look at the different accessories of the gadget.

What SD Card Types Does HTC Hero Support?

Released in 2009, the HTC Hero smartphone comes with a variety of features, including a built-in digital camera, GPS system and a microSD card slot for up to 32GB of expanded memory. With this much room for expanded memory, the Hero supports microSD cards, which offer up to 2GB of memory, and microS

How Do You Hide a Keyboard on a BlackBerry Storm?

The Blackberry Storm is a type of Blackberry smart phone that is the company's first touch screen Blackberry. It is similar to an iPhone in that it has a touch screen keyboard that you can hide or show will just a touch of the screen. It has a variety of features, from the Internet to games to offic

How to Reset a Password on the Cisco 7920 VoIP

If you experience issues with your Cisco 7920 wireless IP phone you will not be able to make important calls to business or personal associates. If you cannot reset the phone password to the default, you may require a factory reset of the 7920 in order to use the system password to access certain co

New Nexus X Specifications

New Nexus X specifications Googles I/O received the top of June month and brought with it news on following build of android; Android L. ample new options for the platform were declared however there was ...

2003 Tahoe Car Speakers Removal and Installation

The 2003 Chevrolet Tahoe is equipped with speakers in the front and rear doors. These speakers can be replaced with aftermarket 6-1/2 inch speakers, of which there are many varieties that will fit in the existing openings. The process for removing the old speakers from the door is very similar in th

How to Access on Demand With Direct TV

The DirecTV On Demand service allows subscribers to access thousands of programs across many genres. DirecTV does not charge an extra fee for On Demand service, and offers free and pay-per-view content. To access the service, you must have a broadband Internet connection in your home and a DirecTV P

How to Use a Cobra 29 GTL CB Radio

The Cobra 29 GTL CB radio is primarily a mobile CB with 40 channels. Factory-set operating frequencies range from 26.965 on channel 1 to 27.405 MHz on channel 40. Power output for the CB is 4 watts. Mobile CB radios are two-way communication radios that allow people to talk to each other while trave

How to Add an Earpiece to the Sony Ericsson

Many Sony Ericsson mobile phones incorporate Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth enables a device to connect with another device wirelessly such as a Bluetooth-enabled earpiece. To connecte, the earpiece must be in pairing mode and the Ericsson's Bluetooth feature must be enabled and directed to find an