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How to Take Apart a Walkman Tape Player

Before the advent of MP3 players many people listened to their music through portable audio devices like Walkman tape players. These cassette players were sturdy and reliable but over time gave way to more advanced technology. These machines are still in existence and some people still use them. If

How to Upgrade an O2 XDA Atom Pure

With mobile phone technology advancing so quickly, even handsets released in the prior year can go out of date. This is why it is useful to upgrade your phone where possible. The XDA Atom Pure contains the Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system. While Microsoft has recently released Windows Phone 7, it

How to Diagnose Projection TV Problems

Projection televisions are designed to provide a video image using a projection bulb, a color wheel and a mirror. All components must work well together to ensure proper performance of the device. During usage, problems might occur that need to be diagnosed to identify the cause. Diagnosing the prob

How to Find a Lost Cell Phone with GPS

After the 9/11 tragedy the Federal Communications Commission required the implementation of GPS enabled cell phones. Since 2005 major cell phone service providers made this feature available to consumers. GPS is known as global positioning system. If you can't locate your cell phone by calling your

Can I Watch DVDs on a PS3 Without an HDMI Cable?

You can use the Sony PlayStation 3 as a DVD player and connect it to a monitor with any of the output formats it has. Although HDMI offers a higher-quality digital image, you don't need to use it. But you do need to match the output with the input to your viewing screen. The PS3 has six output optio

Nokia 6700 Bold And Daring

If you are into glitz, panache and glamour, and you desire for panache and exclusivity, look no further because the groundbreaking Nokia 6700 Classic Gold mobile phone is here. This mobile gadget is d

How to Clean Memory in the BlackBerry Curve 8310

Keep the memory on your BlackBerry 8310 Curve clean to maintain better performance and speed while using the phone and its applications. Cleaning the memory removes private and personal data from the phone, such as web-browsing history and cache data, among other forms of personal information most

Directions for My Kodak EasyShare Z1275

Kodak released the EasyShare Z1275 point and shoot digital camera in 2007. The camera features a 12.1 megapixel sensor and HD shooting for creating high quality prints up to 30 X 40 inches. Its high sensitive range is great for low light shooting, and it has a dozen shooting modes for specific light

How to Prevent an Automatic Payment From Going Through on My Checking Account

An automatic payment from your checking account, on the surface, provides a savings from many companies who otherwise would add a handling charge to their bill. Additionally, you do not need to write a check or have postage stamps on hand. But since it is difficult to retrieve an unnecessary payment

How to Replace the Trackball on a Blackberry 8800

BlackBerry handheld devices come equipped with so many programs and features that they may as well be mini computers. And just as a computer needs a mouse or trackpad to access its system, the BlackBerry 8800 uses a trackball located in the center of the device, just above the keypad, to navigate it

How to Convert Digital 8 Video to DVD Format

Before video cameras with built-in hard drives and miniDV tape decks, Digital 8 reigned as the home video recording method. This tape is the same size as an analog-based 8-millimeter video camera. However the method of recording information on the tape changed, allowing you to capture audio and vide