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Neon Light Problems

A neon light is made up of a luminous tube and is commonly used for lighting signs. Typically, a neon light consists of a glass tube with an electrode at one end. The tube is then filled with an inert gas, which in this case, is neon. After a high voltage power source is affixed to the light, it wil

How to Take Care Of Power Tools Battery

As a reader of both newsgroups listed in this header, I thought this might posting might be helpful, not only to myself, but other woodworkers and pilots who use power tool!

How to Make a Homemade Rectifier

A rectifier is an electronic circuit used in power supply design that converts alternating current, called AC, into direct current, called DC. Using a specific arrangement of diodes, the circuit essentially flips the negative portion of AC, creating repeating positive cycles. This is a rough approxi

How do I Reset a Coby 515 DVD Player?

Many electronics from time to time have to be reset to their factory-default settings. Resetting a DVD player may be necessary due to user error, like changing the language of the on-screen instructions and not being able to read them to correct it. Also, a DVD player may need to be reset if the dev

How to Use Files as Ringtones on Verizon

If you are innovative with your computer's music files, there are ways to use these particular files as ringtones on your Verizon phone. The process requires that the song be cut down and cropped to ringtone size for successful playback on the cell phone. But, nevertheless, the process is not diffic

How to Run Cable for Direct TV

DirectTV is a popular satellite television provider based in San Diego. The company provides television services for customers in the United States, Caribbean and some parts of Central America. The service has been available since mid-1994. The company carries local and broadcast television networks

Cases and Batteries - Smartphone Savers to the Rescue

Smart phone batteries hold up fairly well, though they are constantly in use and seem to run out of juice faster than you would expect. If that's the case, then you need to look into new batt

How to Create a Robot by Yourself

Robot creation without assistance may seem like a daunting task, but rudimentary robot design and implementation can be achieved using nothing more than radio-controlled vehicle parts. Novice robot builders and Battlebot aficionados (weapons-based robot fighting) have been using such parts in some o

Instructions for a Color Backlight USB 1 GB MP3

Portable digital MP3 players allow you the convenience of taking your favorite music with you anywhere. USB MP3 players make the process of loading music onto the devices simpler than players that require additional cables. A compact, lightweight 1GB USB MP3 player with a color backlight allows you

How to Pack a TV

A television set can be one of the most expensive items in the home and the last thing anyone would want to have damaged during a move. Whether you own an LCD, LED, plasma or older model TV, proper packing is the key to preventing any potential damage that can occur. A little bit of planning and pre

How to Display From VGA to TV

Most flat screen televisions include an analog VGA input, which accepts the video display output from a computer or other VGA source. Some TVs can only accept a display resolution of up to 1,024 by 768 pixels. Others are capable of accepting a full high definition input signal of 1,920 by 1,080 pixe

How to Convert MP4 Video to a DVD Player

MP4 is a media-container format that was created primarily for streaming video (and audio) on the internet. It is also a common recording format for phones and cameras. Moving MP4 videos from your computer to DVD is a simple process and will make viewing more pleasurable for those family members w

Your iPhone Is Still Valuable Even When Broken

Does something cease to have any value when it is broken? In the case of the iphone, the answer is most certainly 'no,' as there are many ways to sell a broken iphone at a decent price. But why would