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Selecting The Best Free Stop Motion Software

The most important part of creating these types of animations or movies is to use the right software for your specific task you plan on taking on. The best free stop motion software can be ...

How to Use the Calculator on the BlackBerry

BlackBerry smartphones include many useful and simple applications. For instance, you can load a calculator to help you add, multiply, subtract and divide on the go. There are two ways to use the calculator: with the trackpad or with your keypad.

Nokia E71X Instructions

The Nokia E71x cell phone features a full-alphabet keypad, a color display, a camera function, text messaging and several call options. After the SIM card and battery are installed and the phone is set up properly, you might need to know how to operate basic functions, such as placing and rejecting

How to Use a Photo Tent With Daylight Lights

Light tents cast a very even, almost shadow-free light across objects inside the tent. They are ideal for photographic reflective objects like highly polished metals or glass. Daylight balanced lights work well with both film and digital cameras. With digital cameras, your camera must be set as it w

How Do I Make a PCB (Printed circuit board)?

The purpose of a PCB is to keep a circuit board organized. If something goes wrong with the board, a fix is relatively easy. Electronic gadgets contain circuit boards but it is not always easy to find

The 5 Benefits of HDMI Cable

Do you need an HDMI cable? Let us not answer this question for you. Just do a simple experiment and you should find out yourself. Take a traditional coaxial cable and connect your HD box ...

Sanyo Projector Instructions

Sanyo manufactures several models of projectors for businesses and individuals. While the feature list of many of the models is different, the basic functions of the projectors are similar across all models. Sanyo projectors can be connected to computers for business or educational presentations and

Which Antenna Is Good for a Plasma HDTV?

If you have a plasma HDTV but want to receive channels over the air, then you may want to consider purchasing an antenna. When you are shopping around for antennas, it is very important to keep several things in mind: usage needs, compatibility and price. By making sure you have a antenna that fits

Instructions for Syncing a Zune

If you have purchased a Microsoft Zune audio player, the Zune software will be your way of interfacing with the device. During the initial setup of the Zune, the software will ask you what types of media to sync automatically. Additionally, you can change these settings whenever you choose. Use the

How to Load a GPS Map onto a Samsung G810

Activate the global positioning system on your Samsung G810 to get from one place to another. This feature monitors your trip details so you don't get lost. Before loading a GPS map onto the Samsung G810, you must activate a positioning method, either through a Bluetooth connection or through a wire

How to Hook Up a Monitor to the TV

Using HDMI, S-Video or DVI cables to connect your computer to your television allows you to view the contents of your computer on your television screen. HDMI, S-Video and DVI cables can connect both desktop and laptop computers to your television depending on the your computer's video card. These c

Can A Surface Pro 3 Replace Your Laptop for Business Use?

Businesspeople are always looking for smaller, lighter and more portable computing systems that can still do everything their larger predecessors were able to do. Microsoft's latest creation, the Surface Pro 3, is smaller than a ...

How to Make Phone Calls Over the Internet to a Land-Line Phone

Many computer users are opting to make phone calls over the Internet. Services such as Skype and Yahoo! Messenger offer high-quality calling for a lower price than traditional phone service. Calls are made using your computer's built-in microphone and speakers or a USB or analog headset. Some servic

LG 42LG30 LCD TV Specifications

LCD flat-screen televisions are growing in popularity due to their smaller size and higher picture qualitytropical landscape on flat screen tv image by javarman from Fotolia.comLucky Goldstar Corp, otherwise known as LG, is a Korean manufacturer of electronics goods. South Korea's second...

Pioneer Receiver Specifications

A/V receivers allow you to connect all of your home entertainment components into one unit.hi-fi audio system image by Pavel Losevsky from Fotolia.comPioneer is an electronics manufacturing company that produces a variety of home audio products, including a line of audio-video receivers....

How to Date a Canon A1 Camera

The Canon A1 camera is one of the classic camera bodies in the history of photography, and was produced from 1978 to 1985. A favorite of hobbyists and film camera beginners, the A1 is also very popular with collectors and expert photographers, due to its many features and accessories. Determining th

How to Upload PNGs to a BlackBerry

A Portable Network Graphic file is an image file, similar to a GIF or JPEG file. As of version 3 of the BlackBerry device operating system, PNG graphics are supported on BlackBerry devices. Upload PNGs to the BlackBerry device using Windows Explorer while the device is connected to a computer and in

How to Activate USB on Dish Network

Dish Network is one of the leading satellite providers within the United States. With the service you can order several additional features, including a DVR. A DVR allows you to record live television and view it later, essentially like a tapeless VCR. However, the DVR only has a specific amount of

How to Format Tables for Viewing on a Blackberry

The latest generation of BlackBerry smart phones has substantially improved Internet browsing capabilities compared to previous generations. The platform still suffers from various limitations due to the BlackBerry's hardware configuration. Smaller screen resolutions, limited memory and slower proce