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How to Choose A Good Tech News Provider

Tech Information gives all the most recent tech information [] about mobile know-how, gadgets, Google, Microsoft and far more. We strive hard at Tech News to supply the newest news related to know-how and gadgets. ...


It's difficult to find a VHS player anymore, since DVD players have practically made them obsolete. But there are still values to owning either a VHS or DVD player. VHS is older technology, but it is easy to record over tapes. DVDs are more expensive, but the quality of sound and picture is better.

Digital Coax Vs. Optical

Digital coax and optical audio (Toslink) cables transfer digital audio from any source to a receiver or amplifier. Each supports multi-channel audio over a single cable. The question of which is better typically depends upon the particular application or setup scenario.

How to Eliminate the Word Autofill in the BlackBerry

BlackBerry phones allow you to type SMS text messages at a faster rate by using the built-in Autofill or AutoText feature. Some users prefer to enter text on their phones without the assistance of this feature, as the suggestions it presents while typing may cause distraction or interrupt typing. Ot

Hazards of Fluorescent Lamps

Institutional and commercial buildings often have fluorescent lamps.Michael Hitoshi/Digital Vision/Getty ImagesA fluorescent lamp is a gas discharge lamp that produces visible light by using electricity to excite mercury vapor. Fluorescent lamps are common in institutional and commercial...

How to Repair a Samsung DLP TV

Your Samsung digital light processing TV may not switch on, produce no sound or show display problems on occasion. Most issues that occur are temporary. Hold off on calling a service technician; you will most likely be able to fix many issues that arise without outside help.

Price And Features Nikon Coolpix S9100

Nikon is a leading manufacture in camera production.The company has unveiled number of cameras in the market and all are enriched with advanced features.Nikon is an established brand and have experience of manufacturing cameras since many ...

How to Block Incoming Calls on Your Samsung Cell Phone

Most modern Samsung phones have special features to control who is allowed to reach you. By making changes in the "call restrictions" section of your Samsung phone, you can block people from calling you. Once the call restriction is set, you will not hear any calls come through your phone until you

How to Watch TV Online On the Computer

Learn how to watch TV online on the computer. With only a few simple steps, you will actually be able to choose from many internet channels, watch more programs and full TV episodes of a variety of shows. Follow the steps below to learn how to watch TV on line on the computer.

How to Clean the Laser Lens on My Home Theater System

Caring for the laser lens inside your home theater equipment is important for maintaining the audio and video quality of its components. Because of the delicate nature of the laser lens, it is important that you never touch it directly. Instead, you should occasionally use a special laser lens clean

What Causes Dark Lines to Appear on an LCD TV?

When you turn on your LCD television to watch your favorite show, the last thing you want to see is a problem on the screen. LCD -- short for liquid crystal display -- televisions are susceptible to black lines, both of the horizontal and vertical nature, appearing on the screen. These problematic l

Ways To Cut Down On Electricity Use During The Summer

When asked about how they plan on saving on their finances in the summer, many people respond by saying that they pledge to cut down on the excess use of electricity. Electricity [] can end ...

How to Send Funny Ringtones to Your Phone

The use of ringtones is one way to customize your mobile phone. Funny ringtones allow you to add humor in place of the ringing sound heard when your phone rings. Websites such as Phonezoo, Myxer and Ventones allow you to select funny ringtones and send them to your phone for free via text messages.

How to Turn Down Tweeters

Too bright speakers can sometimes be tamed with a tweeter volume control on the back or under the grille. If you don't have one, you will have to install an L-pad: it controls the tweeter volume without messing with the impedance the speaker presents to the amplifier, and without changing the crosso

How to Find Hidden Treasures by GPS

Searching for modern day treasure doesn't involve following a map with an X to a hidden bounty, but rather a popular pastime involving portable GPS units. Geocaching involves using your handheld GPS unit or a phone with built-in GPS abilities to attempt to locate a cache, which is often a small cont