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Semiconductors: Electrifying the world

A semiconductor is known as a semiconductor on the grounds that it is a sort of material that has an electrical safety which is between the safety run of the mill of metals and the safety commonplace

How to Make a Playlist on Xbox 360

The Xbox 360, unlike past consoles, can do more than just play video games. You can use it to download and watch movies or listen to music. You can create a playlist -- a list of songs you selected -- from the main menu of the Xbox 360. The songs on your playlist are played in the order you select t

What Makes A Good Electronics E Commerce Site?

There are many E Commerce sites that deal with electronics, some better than others. Understanding the qualities of a good site is important because it will help you make informed decisions.

How to Communicate Along Wires

When one thinks of communicating along wires the telephone immediately springs to mind. Alexander Graham Bell developed the first telephone in the 1870s using this basic principle: (employed at that time by the telegraph) to use electricity to transmit signals across wires. Since then the telephone

How to Charge a Handycam DCR-SR85

The Handycam DCR-SR85 is a tapeless, standard-definition camcorder that is manufactured by the Sony Corporation. This camcorder comes with a 60 GB hard drive, Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens, night-shot recording capabilities and a 16:9 aspect ratio LCD display screen. Charging the Lithium-Ion battery

'Harry Brown' DVD

Harry Brown DVD profile, including Harry Brown DVD release date selected special features and more about the Harry Brown DVD.

Set up a Credit Limit With an iTunes Allowance

With an iTunes allowance you can limit what your child spends every month on the iTunes Store. You can stay in control at all times and have the flexibility to change the monthly credit, suspend it, or even cancel it completely. To see how to set up an iTunes allowance for your child, read this arti

How to Use Category 5 Cable for XLR

XLR is a type of audio cable connector commonly used for microphones and public address equipment. Category 5 is a type of data cable typically used for Ethernet connections when you are connecting a computer to a network. By uniting the two cable types, you can transmit audio signals over significa

How to Install Games in Pandigital

By default, the Pandigital Novel ships with its version of the Google Android operating system set to prohibit installation of third party Android applications. This setting can be changed by a brief foray into the settings menu. Once you've changed the appropriate setting on your eReader you'll be

What Does Dynamic Ratio Mean?

Dynamic ratio, also known as dynamic contrast ratio, refers to new contrast ratio technology now commonly found in modern flat screen televisions. Dynamic contrast ratio technology is meant to enhance the contrast between light and dark images on the screen, ultimately making the picture clearer and

How to Add Additional Phone Jacks

Phone jacks allow connectivity between a telephone and the telephone line. A telephone has a modular plug that allows it to be connected to telephone lines via the phone jack. The more phone jacks you have inside a house or building, the more phones you can use. Adding phone jacks in several locatio

Pioneer SA 130 Amplifier Information

Founded in 1938 and based in Japan, Pioneer Electronics is known for manufacturing a plethora of consumer electronics, as well as innovations it introduced to the industry, such as producing the first automotive CD player. One of its products is the Pioneer SA-130, an analog audio amplifier.

How to Test a Phone to See If It Rings

Phones can often be disrupted by a number of factors that cause problems with the phone's ringer. Missing important phone calls because of a faulty ringer is frustrating, and even dangerous in emergency situations. Check your phone's ringer regularly to make sure it is working. With a few simple ste

Military Surveillance in Hostile Environments

MILITARY SURVEILLANCE IN HOSTILE ENVIRONMENTS Military Surveillance Equipment Introduction The military soldiers are usually involved in maintaining any security issues that might arise from external threats. A lot of times they have been engaged in ...

How to Replace the Speakers in a 2007 Chrysler Sebring

The 2007 Dodge Sebring by Chrysler is equipped with speakers in the front doors and rear deck. Both sets of 6-inch-by 9-inch speakers can be replaced with after-market models. Although car audio shops specialize in replacing speakers, removing and replacing the speakers requires only hand tools and

How to Download Shows From a Comcast DVR

A Comcast digital video recorder (DVR), like any DVR, can record television programs that you can watch at a later time at your convenience. However, the storage capacity of a DVR is not very high, particularly if you are recording programs in high-definition. To free up space on your DVR, you can d

How to Test Encoders With Oscilloscopes

Encoders are common in electronics. They are electro-mechanical devices that perform many functions, which include setting the frequency in radios or altitudes and speed in aircraft instruments. Modern encoders are mostly optical while older ones are mechanical. Depending on the type, they may have

How to Connect a DVD to an Analog Converter Box

If you have an older analog television, you need a converter box to obtain digital television programming. This is necessary if you do not use a cable or satellite receiver to view your television shows. You can also use the converter box to connect other devices to the TV such as VCRs and DVD playe

DIY Speaker Level to Audio Level Connector

If you find that your factory car stereo does not come with RCA outputs on its head unit, you can still send an audio signal to the amplifier by making your own speaker wire to RCA cable. You will have to know which wires to solder to each of the male RCA connectors if you want the signal to be stro