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Healthy Dinner Menu Ideas

Whether you're cooking for a family of one or five, the daily task of creating a healthy dinner menu can be challenging. Eventually, the favorites become tired and overused. After a long day at work, the bright signs of fast food restaurants may look tempting. Fortunately, there is a variety of flex

Consistent And Reliable Metal Detectors Ensure Production Of Safe Product

METTLER TOLEDO Safeline metal detectors enable Quali Tech, a manufacturer of flavour particulates to produce safe and high quality products for food processing companies around the world. The gravity-fall inspection systems provide high sensitivity, maintenance-free reliable performance and easy san

Cake Boxes Are Not Just For Cakes

Baked products require special protective packaging, such as cake boxes, for protection during transport. Therefore, baked goods should be boxed in special cake cardboard boxes to prevent damage to the delicate food products inside. Cakes and pies are special items that need to be protected from hav

Does Canned Pumpkin Go Bad?

Canned pumpkin is what many home cooks reach for when they want to make pumpkin pie or pumpkin bread. But it can be easy to end up with unused cans in the pantry when pumpkin season is over. Canned goods have a longer shelf life than most pantry items, but they don't last forever.

Corsican Mendiant au Chocolat Blanc

This Corsican Mendiant au Chocolate Blanc recipe makes petite white chocolate disks studded with dried fruits and nuts. Amusingly, their name means beggars and they are a French candy similar to American chocolate bark. French white chocolate mendiants, or beggars.

How Does Fasting Work?

Fasting, or choosing not to take in food for a set amount of time, is a dietary practice that is used to serve many different functions. Sometimes people fast for religious reasons; other times they may try fasting for weight loss or as a way to address health concerns. The fasting may...

How to Sharpen a Dull Knife

Not only does a dull knife make kitchen work much harder, says celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, but it's also dangerous. A dull knife may slip when it should cut, making injury more likely. Ramsay recommends using a hand-held sharpening steel on kitchen knives before each use, which will keep them in t

Kartoffelschmarrn - Fried Potato Bits from Austria

Potatoes are riced, mixed with flour and fried to create this southern German and Austrian dish called Kartoffelschmarrn. It can be a main dish with a salad or a side dish to meat, like Tafelspitz.

How to Balance Spice in a Dish

Balancing spices in your dishes will help you add depth in flavors, keep the food from becoming overpowering and tailor the meal to your own personal taste. While many foods lend themselves to a specific spice, you can be creative about how you want your meal to taste. For example, people often inco

Types of Beer Glass

Beer glasses come in many types that vary in size and shape. Different sizes accommodate different volumes of beer that range from the traditional pint through enormous mugs or steins capable of holding more than 8 gallons. Glasses can be plain or highly decorated.

About Crab Fishing

Crab fishing is a quest for one of the most important seafoods in the world. Crabs account for a large percentage of the seafood consumed throughout society. While there are dozens of different types of crabs, humans primarily consume seven different varieties. Crab fishing has also increased dramat

Choose The Best Indian Caterers For Your Grand Party

If you are planning to visit London never forget to taste Asian cuisines as the place has now become famous for its Indian catering services. Today, there are so many renowned Indian restaurants in th