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The Best Food And Beverage Options For Corporate Events

When you conduct corporate events, you need to take care of plenty of factors in order to ensure success. The corporate event would be conducted to meet various requirements. Irrespective of the cause you need to make sure that all the guests you invite for the function leave the place with a happy

How to Make Waffle Mix

Homemade waffles may seem like a special-occasion treat, but they are relatively easy to make and can be done even on a whim. A mix of several basic ingredients can be prepared ahead of time and kept on hand for lazy Saturdays, celebratory breakfasts or even as a fancy dessert treat. For a break fro

Elena Ruth Sandwich

This sandwich recipe and the story were posted to our forum by Anamari4. Elena Ruth Sandwich Recipe.

How to Cure Meat for Beef Jerky

Curing meat for beef jerky inhibits the growth of some types of bacteria that cause the meat to spoil more quickly. Properly cured and prepared beef jerky is not cooked; it is dried of as much moisture as possible. Jerking beef as a food staple is practiced all over the world and has been used to pr

Easy Fondant Icing Recipe

This easy fondant icing recipe is designed for pouring, not rolling, over things like tortes and petit fours.

What Are the Dangers of Cookware?

Cooking is an activity full of dangers and safety issues. When you cook, you are working with incredibly heavy objects, sharp objects, raw food and high temperatures. To add to that list of dangers, you also need to consider the dangers present in your cookware.

Homemade Peach-Plum Jam

Peach plum jam is an easy jam to make, with peaches and plums and lemon juice. A delicious peach jam with plums.

How to Make Chicken and Dumplings

One of the most soul-satisfying chicken dishes of all time: Chicken and dumplings simply pairs a rich, savory chicken stew with dumplings that are cooked right on top of the simmering chicken. This recipe serves four to six.

How to Make Cinnamon Ice Cream from Scratch.

What I love about homemade ice cream is that I know exactly what goes into it. No freaky additives, colorants or preservatives here. And, my ice cream's sweetness is decided by my own tastebuds, not by some scientist in a factory lab. This cinnamon ice cream is a good basic recipe to get you on

How to Use a Vegetable Peeler

Vegetable peelers are designed to remove a thin layer of peel and food material from the surface of a fruit or vegetable and are also used to slice thin sheets of hard cheeses and chocolate. The way a vegetable peeler is held determines how thick and long the shaved portion is. Make your vegetable p