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Coconuts in Caribbean Food

Here is a guide to using coconuts when cooking Caribbean food. Coconuts are not native to the Caribbean, yet have found a home in Caribbean cuisine. They consumed in many different ways - eaten fresh, baked into sweet desserts, and cooked in savory dishes.

The Best Way to Drink Tequila

A Mexican liquor, tequila received its named from the town of Tequila, where the beverage was first produced more than 200 years ago, according to the Viva Tequila website. The drink is made by distilling the fermented juices from the blue agave crops found in the region of Tequila. Just as there ar

Easy Chocolate Mousse, No Eggs

A chocolate mousse recipe with gelatin and cocoa. Top this chocolate mousse with whipped cream or topping.

Basic Baking Tools Needed

So you are ready to take up baking. You are all excited to skim through that recipe book and find yourself the ideal recipe to guide you into making scrumptious cookies that you can impress your family and friends with. But hold on. Are you armed with the appropriate baking tools for your cookie mis

Korean Restaurants Near Stuttgart, Germany

stuttgart, germany image by Joo Hwee Goh from Fotolia.comStuttgart is the capital of Germany's Baden-Württemberg region, with a population of approximately 590,000 denizens. This makes it Germany's sixth largest city. Popular attractions include the Mercedes Benz Museum and Factory,...

Nominees for the 2008 James Beard Foundation Media Awards

The James Beard Foundation is the most prestigious organizaton in the professional culinary world. Formed in 1986, the James Beard Foundation was created by Julia Child and Peter Kump to preserve the home of James Beard and his legacy as America's father of gastronomy. The James Beard Foundatio

How to Make a Caramel Latte

A sweet, rich candy made from heated sugar, caramel's buttery flavor lends itself beautifully to coffee and is a must-have flavoring at any coffee shop, particularly for cappuccinos and lattes. Lattes combine espresso and milk with flavorings like vanilla, caramel and chocolate to produce classy, cr

Where Can You Find Really Good Home Brewing Recipes?

There may come a time in your home brewing your own beer that you can do it from memory or even improvise and make it up as you go along. But even the best chefs or bakers in the world still need to f

Zucchini Pancake Recipe

I know that almost everyone has had potato pancakes but did you ever try zucchini pancakes, when I was a child I was a very picky eater and there was very little things that I would eat, my favorite w

How to Cleanse Your System

When you experience sluggishness, skin problems, aches, pains and irregularity, your body is telling you it needs a good scrub-down. Cleansing your system does not have to be a one-time crash program that forces you to subsist on hot lemon water for days at a time. It can be a gradual process that

Restaurants Reservation in Pune

Table reservation is one such offering that BookMyRestaurant is currently championing in top cities of the country.

Reverse Osmosis System Enhance your Espresso Drinks

The latest technology in RO water filter systems is the “zero-waste system”. Ordinary RO systems may flush several gallons of waste water to obtain 1 gallon of purified water. The Watts Kwik Change Ze

Beer Barrel Cookies Recipe

If you love the flavor of root beer and those old beer barrel candies, you will love these easy cookies.

Nutritional Benefits of Soy

Soy is a type of bean that may also be referred as edamame. Soy may be eaten in its natural state as soy beans or it may be eaten in products made with soy. Products made with soy include tofu, soy milk, soy cheese, soy sauce and so on. Consuming soy may have many different health benefits.