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Learn Thai Cooking by Thai Cookbook

Thai food really should be fast and simple to ready. In Thailand, street food or food vendors are everywhere inside a city or small town. You can find a myriad of street food, appetizers, noodle soup,

Best Pasta Recipes

Pasta making machines are a great kitchen appliance, and even if you have never done anything more than open a box of spaghetti, you will enjoy using oneYou do not have to use an oven, you can also us

Macbeth Cocktail

Cocktail recipe for a Macbeth Cocktail, a mixed drink of Scotch whisky, blue curacao, amaretto, lemon juice, and sugar.

How to Make Yogurt From Milk

Fresh, homemade yogurt is a refreshing and tasty snack. Completely unpasturized and loaded with helpful bacteria, it is a healthy treat for the entire family. Experiment with various fruits and spices to create delicious blends that even picky eaters will enjoy.

How to Make an Almond Joy Shooter

The almond joy shooter tastes sweet and nutty just like the candy bar. This candy-flavored cocktail pairs up well with dessert dishes. You can serve this drink year round and in virtually any glass, though a shot glass traditionally takes precedence. Toppings and garnishes for this drink include cre

Winter Spice Cookies

These winter spice cookies feature warm spices, from cinnamon to ginger and more, sure to warm you up on a cold, winter's day. Spice cookie recipes for winter.

Homemade Teriyaki Sauce

This is Linda's homemade teriyaki sauce. Use this sauce to marinate beef, pork, or chicken before grilling.

Smart Kitchen Knives for the Smart Apprentice Chef

If you're a new chef, you need to understand whether you need an expensive knife to exactly come down to what you do with it, or something cheaper just for something to use in your cooking re

History of Stilton Cheese

In England, when people want blue cheese, they simply ask for Stilton. Renowned for its mild flavor, the cheese was originally sold to coach travelers along the Great North Road who had stopped in the town of Stilton overnight.

How to Pickle Green Beans in a Crock

Green beans are among the many vegetables that hold up well to the process of pickling. Green beans are usually fresh-pack or heat-process pickled, although it is also possible to preserve them with the non-stove method of fermentation pickling. This process can take between one and three weeks. You

Brazilian Barbecue Restaurants

The cuisine of the Latin American nation of Brazil is highly diverse, with influences coming from many different sources, such as Portugal and Italy. One popular type of Brazilian steak house eatery is known as a "churrascaria," which means "house of barbecue" in the Portuguese tongue. Brazilian bar

How to Recrisp Stale Cereal

Most cereals have a fairly long shelf life and will last in your cupboard for weeks when properly stored. Cereal left in the open cereal box instead of an airtight container may become stale due to exposure to moisture in the air. Stale cereal that still has its original flavor can be used in baked