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How to File a Petition of Modification

There are many instances in which you may find yourself needing to alter a prior order issued by a judge. If this is the case, a Petition of Modification is the way to ask the judge to revisit a prior order and modify it because certain circumstances have changed. With the proper forms, a small fe

Grounds For Divorce in Thailand

Laws are quite lenient to Thailand Divorce complex processes. Thus, in filing a divorce in Thailand, it would be best to seek legal assistance from competent and well-experienced lawyers.

No Fault Divorce Vs. Fault Divorce

Nearly half of all first marriages end in divorce. The laws of divorce in many states differentiate between at fault divorce and no fault divorce. All states have no fault divorce laws, but not all states allow at fault divorce.

How to File for a Divorce in Clermont County, Ohio

You must have lived in Ohio for at least six months and in Clermont County for at least 90 days before filing your complaint for divorce. If you have lived apart from your spouse for at least a year, you can file for a no-fault divorce based on incompatibility. Fault divorces are also allowed in Oh

Divorce Laws in Spalding County, Georgia

Adulterers forfeit their right to alimony in Georgiamarriage image by Mykola Velychko from Fotolia.comThe legal nature of the marriage relationship outlines very specific rights and responsibilities. As a result, the decision to divorce requires legal intervention to officially dissolve...

Georgia Laws on Broken Engagements

The primary legal --- and often difficult --- issue facing Georgia couples who have broken off an engagement is the question of which party gets to keep the engagement ring, as well as other gifts that have been received. In addition to tricky etiquette rules, the formerly engaged couple must consul

Ways in Which to Divorce in Baltimore

Divorces in Maryland are filed in the circuit courts of individual counties. The city of Baltimore sits in Baltimore County and is under the jurisdiction of the Baltimore Circuit Court. The are two basic requirements to file for divorce in Maryland: Your case has to satisfy one of the statutory grou

How to Pursue a Divorce in New Jersey on Your Own

Hiring an attorney will help you save time and energy during a divorce, however, lawyer fees can also be prohibitively expense. One way to save money is by doing all the legwork yourself, especially if your spouse is willing to not contest the divorce. Like every state, New Jersey has its own requir

Divorce Attorneys - Choosing the Best

Divorce can be a very painful experience to go through, even more so when it is not an amicable divorce. When the divorce is not amicable, you will normally need to seek the advice and help of divorce attorneys to make sure you get what is rightfully yours. If you have never had to deal with a divor

How to Divide the Assets in a Divorce

A major task in a majority of divorce cases is dividing up assets you and your spouse obtained during the course of your marriage. If you and your spouse desire to mutually agree on how to divvy up property, the court grants you a considerable degree of latitude to accomplish this task. With that no

How to Get a Legal Separation in North Carolina

Obtaining a legal separation in North Carolina is fairly simple. Under state law, a married couple is legally separated once they are living separate and apart with at least one spouse having no intent of returning to the marital relationship. The only requirement in North Carolina for obtaining a d

5 Ways to Save Money on Your Divorce

Getting a divorce is one of the most expensive things that someone can go through in their life. Whether its constant court appearances or excessive hourly visits to your lawyer. This article will give you 5 tips on how to make your divorce cost less money.

How to File a Defense for Divorce Petition in Kentucky

Kentucky is a no-fault divorce state, so a spouse who wants to stay married has very little recourse to block the process. The only divorce ground in Kentucky is irretrievable breakdown of the marriage after a separation of 60 days or more. You can answer your spouse's divorce petition and deny that

How to Dismiss a Divorce Petition

If you are the petitioner in a divorce action and have decided that you no longer wish to proceed with the divorce, you may request the court to dismiss your petition. The rules for dismissing a divorce will vary some from state to state, but you may generally dismiss a divorce when the respondent (

How to Petition to the Court in British Columbia

A petition is a legal request to a court to hear and adjudicate a case through the civil court system. Courts in British Columbia accept individuals represented by counsel or individuals that represent themselves, known as "pro se" litigants. To petition the courts in British Columbia, you must form

The Process Of Determining Child Custody

Under law, parents have legal custody of their child without the necessity of a court order. However, when parents divorce, seek legal separation, or seek the establishment of paternity, a court must decide who to vest legal custody with. In Indiana that could be either parent, both parents, or some

MD State Divorce Laws About Adultery

Adultery strikes at the heart of the marriage relationship, so Maryland law treats it differently from most other grounds for divorce. The complaining spouse must present evidence; but once proven, adultery can justify an immediate dissolution of the marriage and influence a court's approach to chil

Divorce Law, Remember the Children Come First

As a child of divorced parents, I know how difficult a divorce can be on the life of a child. I know that, when I was a child, my parent's divorce was rough on me and I am still feeling the mental effects. It is true that my parents were better off without being married to each other, but I kno