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An Alternative to Traditional Divorce

We have all heard the horrible stories of traditional divorce proceedings. Couples that have spent 30, 40, or over 100,000 dollars on legal fees. Divorces that consisted of many years fighting over unimportant things like the leather sofa, or the big screen television.

Divorce Records Are Freely Available Online

Anyone can now check divorce records quickly and easily by going onto the internet. Prior to having internet access most people would have to go into the local authorities offices in order to obtain a public record and would have also have to fill out sets of application forms and then spend several

Can You Refuse to Sign Divorce Papers?

Anyone can refuse to sign divorce papers, but this will only delay the inevitable. Divorce papers might be refused because someone does not agree with the stipulations of the agreement. If compromises are made, the agreement can be revised, resulting in both parties signing the papers. However, if s

No Cohabitation Rules on a Divorce Decree

A no cohabitation clause is often included in a divorce contract when a minor child is a consideration, or if alimony is awarded. Unless both parties agree to this clause, the judge will not generally allow for its inclusion. The courts try to refrain from placing restrictions on the parties in a

Advantages of Filing for Divorce First

Laws regarding ways to handle divorce vary from state to state. Since filing for divorce is not a constitutional or legal right, the rules are governed by each state on its own. In order to work an equitable settlement, a lot of planning and thought must go the filing process.

How to Make Your Child Custody Case Easier on the Kids

In a contentious divorce action, children may feel that they are caught in the middle between arguing parents. As a parent, how can you help them to fell more at ease about the huge change in their lives that divorce will bring? It is important to know what you can do to to ease the process of the c

About Do It Yourself Divorces

A "do-it-yourself" divorce is a divorce in which a party files for divorce or responds to a divorce without the representation of an attorney. Parties choose to represent themselves in a divorce for a number of reasons, namely cost. Before forgoing the assistance of an attorney when filing for divor

Do You Know How To Choose a Divorce Lawyer?

Whatever you do, do not go to the Yellow Pages for a divorce lawyer. Lawyers should be carefully selected. Money spent in fees for a divorce lawyer is an investment in the future of your children.

What Can a Family Law Attorney Do for You?

Family relationships are more often than not, very rewarding and beneficial to all concerned parties such as couples, their children and even their relatives. This can be clearly seen when it comes to deal with the natural human instincts almost everybody needs such as amicable companionship, accept

Dealing With Domestic Sexual Assault

In many cases, individuals suffer sexual abuse in their own homes from individuals whom they love and trust. This form of sexual abuse is called domestic sexual abuse and, unfortunately, it often goes unreported for several reasons. In some cases, individuals do not want to punish the individuals ab

Negotiating a CRNA Contract

A CRNA is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. The CRNA is responsible for providing anesthesia care to patients. According to the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA) 2009 Practice Profile Survey, CRNAs safely administer 32 million anesthetics to patients each year in the United S

Divorce - Is a Separation Marital Agreement a Necessity for Every Couple?

If you are considering getting separated but do not want to go to the trouble of getting a separation marital agreement, you may want to think again. Attorneys highly recommend writing a marital agreement, even if you are not sure you want to end the marriage. Separation marital agreements formalize

Getting Your Fair Share: Documents You Need to Give Your Divorce Lawyer

This article outlines the documents you need to give your lawyer to insure that you get or retain your fair share of income, assets and liabilities. Not only can you save money in legal fees and expenses by being prepared with copies of documents but you will improve the odds of a successful outcome

Divorce Law, Remember the Children Come First

As a child of divorced parents, I know how difficult a divorce can be on the life of a child. I know that, when I was a child, my parent's divorce was rough on me and I am still feeling the mental effects. It is true that my parents were better off without being married to each other, but I kno

MD State Divorce Laws About Adultery

Adultery strikes at the heart of the marriage relationship, so Maryland law treats it differently from most other grounds for divorce. The complaining spouse must present evidence; but once proven, adultery can justify an immediate dissolution of the marriage and influence a court's approach to chil

The Process Of Determining Child Custody

Under law, parents have legal custody of their child without the necessity of a court order. However, when parents divorce, seek legal separation, or seek the establishment of paternity, a court must decide who to vest legal custody with. In Indiana that could be either parent, both parents, or some

How to Petition to the Court in British Columbia

A petition is a legal request to a court to hear and adjudicate a case through the civil court system. Courts in British Columbia accept individuals represented by counsel or individuals that represent themselves, known as "pro se" litigants. To petition the courts in British Columbia, you must form

How to Dismiss a Divorce Petition

If you are the petitioner in a divorce action and have decided that you no longer wish to proceed with the divorce, you may request the court to dismiss your petition. The rules for dismissing a divorce will vary some from state to state, but you may generally dismiss a divorce when the respondent (

How to File a Defense for Divorce Petition in Kentucky

Kentucky is a no-fault divorce state, so a spouse who wants to stay married has very little recourse to block the process. The only divorce ground in Kentucky is irretrievable breakdown of the marriage after a separation of 60 days or more. You can answer your spouse's divorce petition and deny that