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Mobility Vans Provide Wheelchair Access

Those with disabilities that require a wheelchair need special transportation considerations. Mobility vans provide wheelchair access for those who use wheelchairs or scooters. Vans are equipped with

Special Education For Disabled Children

During the first years of a child's life, the brain is still malleable and able to form important connections so that the child can learn a wide variety of information and abilities. However, if the child suffers from an illness, injury, or condition that causes a disability, it can interfere w

How to Apply for SS Disability

Social Security disability benefits are broken down into two general categories: Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). For either category, you must be "disabled" by the Social Security Administration's standards. To be eligible for Social Security Disability, you must h

How to Qualify for Mental Disability Payments

The U.S. government offers financial assistance to individuals with disabilities through two different Social Security programs, disability insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). The disability payments offered through these programs can help you if your disability prevents you fro

Treatment Of Painful Blisters With Moleskin

Moleskin, as the name suggests, is not the skin of a mole [a small insectivorous animal with very small eyes and soft fur, which burrows in the ground and casts up little heaps of mould (earth)]. It is, in fact, a heavy cotton twill fabric which is very tough and long lasting. It is used for making

Acorn Chair Lifts - How To Pick The Right Acorn Lift For Your Home

When your mobility has been reduced and you need a way to remove the risk of fall while taking the stairs inside your house, you want to take a look at a chair lift for your stairs. Chair lifts are a safe, comfortable, and effortless way to climb and descend any stairs in your home.

Selection of Your Healthcare Proxy for Memory Care

The choice of a proxy for Charlotte assisted living is easier to make when a person lists people who share his values and views about medical issues and life in general. The proxy could be ...

How A Wheelchair Van Conversion Can Improve Your Quality Of Life

Anyone who uses a wheelchair, a scooter or power chair to get around knows the challenges that they are faced with on a daily basis. Even though millions of people use these chairs to get around, the world is still slow to make everything handicap accessible.

Procedures Abroad: Knee Replacement in Mexico

You may consider knee replacement in Mexico if you have a stiff, painful knee ant it has become difficult to perform even the simplest of activities. When other treatments are no longer working, you m

How to Improve Your Vision Fast and Easy - No Surgery, No Money Required!

Vision improvement exercises [] is a proven method that works. Not all the people understand that it is important to keep your body fit. There are a certain list of activities that are very good ...

Lift Chairs for the Elderly and Disabled

The article describes the various types of lift chairs their benefits for the elderly, infirm and the disabled. The lift chair is a versatile mobility aid offering a variety of features.

How to Apply for Maternity Disability

There are few greater joys in life than bringing a new baby into the world. For most, pregnancy is a time of anticipation and excitement, but for those unable to work due to pregnancy-related complications, it becomes a time of financial worry. According to the 2007 claims database of Unum, a worldw

Taking Care of Your Hearing When You Are Pregnant

If you are expecting a baby soon, you are probably already well aware of how sensitive you can become to food, smells and noise. All of your senses are heightened to a somewhat frustrating degree ...

The Latest On Disability Aids: The Rise Of The Disability Aids Market

Disability aids relating to the aging adults are certainly common around the developed world and many organizations are producing a number of different kinds of healthcare goods for example , reading supports, assistive hearing aids, walking style gadgets, motorized wheel chair equipment, walker car

Handling Finances for the Disabled

Information on taking over financial responsibilities for a disabled person. Topics include bank accounts, power of attorney, stocks, bonds, safety deposit boxes and insurance policies.