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When Stairs Are No Easy Chore

For most of us, we can go up and down stairs as we please.However, for handicap individuals this is not an easy chore.With the design of handicap lifts this chore has now become manageable for most all handicap individuals.

Look For Innovation And Style In New Handicap Vans

There are some amazing new vehicles on the market today that make it easy to transport a wheelchair in style and many of these are more affordable than you would think. If you are looking to purchase a wheelchair accessible vehicle, but do not want to sacrifice style or convenience, look for some of

How I use my Personal Infrared System

Even though I have a severe/profound hearing loss, I like to watch TV just like everyone else but I do it a little differently! I use a personal infrared listening system for the television which ...

Driving a Wheelchair Vehicle

Wheelchair dependent persons can continue to drive with a properly modified wheelchair vehicle. Being dependent on a wheelchair does not have to restrict you to home, with only a few outings when you

Psychological Tests Used by Disability Evaluators

When being tested for disability, a psychological assessment is an important part of the overall process of determining eligibility for services. In general, a thorough psychological assessment for such purposes consists of tests that measure general intelligence, memory, academic level...

Invisible Hearing Aids in India

I remember the time when body worn hearing aids were used in India amongst our older generation. This is not that long ago i.e. just before the Y2K. Those big bulky hearing machines in the ...

Overcoming the Symptoms of Cerebral Palsy Cognitive Impairment

Cerebral palsy (CP) is caused by injury to the parts of the brain that control movements in the muscles. It is commonly thought that kids with cerebral palsy will also suffer from cognitive impairment or mental retardation (I hate that word). But this simply isn't true.

The Height of Fashion in Platform Lifts

Platform Lifts are breaking through architectural barriers with their contemporary and stylish appearance. This article discusses the advancement of this design and the quality of the products these days.

A Few Words About Bathroom Safety

Bathroom safety is important for everyone, but it is especially important for someone with any type of permanent or temporary disability. If you think about it, the bathroom can present many dangers with sharp edges, slippery floors, limited spaces, etc. A large part of your independence rests on be

Wheelchairs For People on the Go

Many people would love to be out and about more and remain active, but can no longer remain standing or walking as long as they used to. Just because you have some mobility issues or limitations does not mean that you still can't remain active and be involved in many of the activities that you

Mobility Scooters: Keeping You Mobil

This article discusses mobility scooters, their features, and advantages. Read more if you are interested in learning more about mobility scooters.

How to Access Your Webcam Without Quickplay

Quickplay is a program developed by Hewlett-Packard (HP) that lets users play games, videos and other multimedia without having to boot the computer, saving time by not forcing users to wait for the computer to boot. This feature is installed on HP Pavilion Entertainment laptops. Quickplay can be la

Different Types of Walking Cane Handles

The basis of choosing a cane primarily depends on its use and the user. A health care specialist should be consulted, to know the guidelines of choosing the best suitable cane for a patient. A ...

Disability Through History

Throughout history, disability has always been something that people look down on and don't understand. From the early years of the Geek and Roman times, there have been reports of various inhumane actions towards people with a disability.

Why Hearing Aids Are More Than Mere Equipments?

According to a recent study, it has been found that cognitive diminishment is likely to be found in 41 % of senior adults. This is because maintaining the health of the brain in adults is ...

Wheelchair Vans for Sale Make Transportation Easier for the Disabled Person

In most cities of moderate or larger size, you will find wheelchair vans for sale or for rent. These vans can make getting from home to appointments, or even your job, much better than trying to maneuver regular vehicles and some public transportation. There are enough things for a wheelchair depend

The Electric Mobility Scooter Explained

A mobility scooter is similar to an electric scooter in function and construction. However, additional power wheelchair type features and options make mobility scooters an excellent form of transportation for anyone who has good arm ...

How to Access Venipuncture Results

The results of a venipuncture, or medical test where a small amount of blood is collected from a vein (usually in your arm) for laboratory analysis, will depend on the type of test ordered by your physician or health care provider. Common tests done on venipuncture blood samples include complete blo