Depression: What"s That Cloud Over Your Head?

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How to Find an Effective Natural Remedy For Depression

A natural remedy for depression can balance and elevate your mood without any of the scary side effects associated with prescription drugs. Since depression can be disabling and adversely affect everyone who cares about you, finding the most effective remedy is essential. In this article, you'l

Understanding Depression

Depression is an illusion. Its effects may be very real but the psychological fact is that depression is a reaction to an over-indulgence in useless thought. Often, this useless thought has been embedded in your subconscious mind from an early age.

Do Antidepressants for Depression Work?

Whether you have been struggling with depression all your life or you are just experiencing this for the first time, you may think that antidepressants for depression are the answer. In some cases they work wonderfully for people who are dealing with one of the many different types of depression, bu

Depression After A Heart Attack

Recent studies show that heart disease and depression are often found hand in hand, therefore controlling one may help control the other. What are the signs and symptoms that something may be wrong? Let's take a look now ...

Light Therapy for Depression

Wondering how light therapy could alleviate depression? Read on. Natural light (sunlight) has been used for centuries to cure certain disorders in the body. In fact, it is considered very sacred and holy in some traditions. The power of light is many-fold.

Postpartum Depression in Winter

Find out the difference between the normal 'baby blues' and postpartum depression. Also, learn why some new moms may be at greater risk in the cold, dark, and more isolated winter months.

How to Get Suicide Help to Stop the Suicidal Thoughts

There is a suicide help that can stop you before you commit this unchangeable act. Suicidal thoughts are a horrible thing because it is robbing you of life while you are still alive. You are empty and in a deep depression, life makes no sense and has a meaningless feel. It is at times like this when

Take Charge of Your Depression in Five Simple Steps

Depression is one of the most common experiences in the United States today, but it doesn't have to be YOUR experience.It's true that depression is 'biochemical', that it happens in your brain. But luckily, what you think and how you feel, what you do and how you choose, change t

How To Overcome Depression By Exiting Negative States

There are two solutions. first and this is very obvious but you need to become aware that you indeed are suffering from these states.. Awareness is key, when a person becomes aware on an inner level what is happening to them, things change. Become aware when you are thinking negatively. When one is

Paxil Withdrawal Diary

Although not all people who take Paxil will experience withdrawal symptoms this severe, this diary illustrates that they can be extremely uncomfortable for some.

The Zen Of Vitamin-taking

30 years ago only the health nuts of the world took vitamins; after all, they were pretty “out there”. But the mainstream didn’t pay any attention, since the medical fraternity defended the idea that following the “four food groups” would provide all the nutrition we ne

Depression, a Different Perspective

The most typical way it's used to diagnose clinical depression is based on the symptoms.Unlike physical ailments, mental disorders are much more difficult to accurately diagnose as many of the symptoms are based on perceptions.

Providing Information About Your Depressed Child

As a parent of a child with depression, you will likely be asked to report your account of events and behaviors. This is an extremely important part of a depressed child's evaluation and treatment.

What Are the Signs of Depression?

Depression is a mentality disorder that affects a sufferer in many ways. It affects your work, your emotions, your relationships and your physical state etc. millions get affected every year from depression. Women, children, teenagers, adults and old people everyone can suffer from depression. Depre

Depression Treatment - Dream Interpretation and Its Applications

In the beginning you should be a student and learn how to properly interpret your dreams using my simplified version of Carl Jung's method, by writing and comparing your dreams. Later, you won't need to write down your dreams since you'll be able to automatically translate the meaning

Depression Cures - What You Should Know

You may hear people telling you that there are natural depression cures available which are just as effective as or more effective than anti-depressant drugs. You might wonder if that's really the case, or if drugs are required to fight depression. Let's take a look at how depression works

Dealing With Depression - Here Are Seven Ways to Stay on Track

If your struggling to stay on track when your dealing with either depression, Bipolar Disorder or any other mental illness here are seven ways to help yourself to stay on track. These are some of the ways that helped me and I know there are plenty more but these seven are enough to help you get back