Depression: What"s That Cloud Over Your Head?

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Beginning A New Life After Making Mistakes

The solution for you is the transformation of your anti-conscience into human content by obeying God's guidance in your own dreams. You will stop making mistakes and never again regret having done something. It doesn't matter how many mistakes you made, even if you have committed horrible

The Benefits of Herbal Treatment For Depression and How to Find a Good One

Many people are enjoying relief from symptoms by taking an herbal treatment for depression. If you are looking for a natural solution, read this article and learn more about the benefits of taking an alternative to treat anxiety or depression, rather than prescription drugs and what else you can do


DepressionAlso known as unipolar disorder, major depression is a syndrome of persistently sad, dysphoric mood accompanied by disturbances in sleep and appetite, lethargy, and an inability to experience pleasure (anhedonia). Major depression occurs in up to 17% of adults, affecting all racial, ethnic

The Change From Celexa To Lexapro Should Be Made Under A Doctors Guidance

If you are interested in switching from Celexa to Lexapro, it is quite essential that you consult your doctor first. Not only he or she is aware of your case history but also know the level of your illness. Keeping this aside, when one switches from one antidepressant to another, whole complexion of

Natural Depression Remedies to Brighten Up Your Day

Depression can have very serious physical, emotional, and mental consequences. Including natural depression remedies such as meditation, exercise, eating proper nourished food and yoga can offer you a safe and effective solution as it will help you avoid the potential side effects of conventional me

Depression in Older Adults-Topic Overview

What is depression in older adults? Depression is an illness that causes you to feel sad and hopeless much of the time. It is different from normal feelings of sadness,grief,or low energy. Some people think that depression is normal with age. But it's not. Older adults may go through major life

Depression Symptoms - What to Look For and How to Treat Them

Depression is unique to the individual. It is rare that two different people have the exact same symptoms when they are depressed. This is not to say of course that there aren't some symptoms that the majority of people have when they are depressed. It is important to understand what the genera

Depression in Children

Only in the past two decades has depression in children been taken very seriously. The depressed child may pretend to be sick, refuse to go to school, cling to a parent, or worry that the parent may die. Older children may sulk, get into trouble at school, be negative, grouchy, and feel misunderstoo

Want to Beat Depression? Do This, Not That!

Are you fighting depression but feel like you're hitting a brick wall? Rest assured that you're not the first one to feel this way. Many people try to beat depression with good intentions but end up feeling worse than before. If this sounds like you, then read on to find out where you&apos

Find the Cure by Finding the Cause

Depression is a medical illness that involves your thoughts, mood, and body. It affects the way a person eats and sleeps, the way one feels about oneself, and the way one thinks about things.

Depression and What You Can Do About It

The word depression is used commonly in our everyday vocabulary to describe feeling down, melancholic, blue or sad. Stressful life events, such as losing a loved one, unemployment, job change or retirement, moving, and other transitions may trigger depression.

Depression Medical Treatment

Today there are many different treatment options available for depression. However, you should always remember that overcoming depression will take time and you will need to stay strong through some of the more difficult days.

Depression Treatment Based on The Advantages of Dream Translation

If you want to get rid of your depression forever, you must develop your intelligence and your sensitivity. When you'll learn how to be a calm and sensitive human being, you'll always be fine. You feel depressed because you make mistakes that ruin your life. You feel depressed also because

Combating Depression

Depression is a beast we all face from time to time throughout our lives. Most of the time it comes and goes pretty quickly but other times it is harder to deal with. Here are some suggestions on dealing with depression yourself without drugs.