Depression: What"s That Cloud Over Your Head?

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Staying With Your Depression Treatment Plan

Staying on your depression treatment is critical for recovery. But it’s not always easy. Here are tips to help you stay on treatment for depression without undue side effects.

The Effects and Choices For Pre-Natal Depression

To many, it is a mystery as to why so many pregnant women suffer from pre-natal depression. Isn't that supposed to happen after the baby is born when the womans' hormones are raging back downward? Not necessarily for all women. Approximately 10 - 20 percent of all pregnancies are affected

A Review of Techniques in Managing Your Depression

Some people have a difficult time in managing their depression. Sometimes, their depression and fears can get best of them. As a result, here is a short list of techniques that a person can use to help manage their depression.

Manic Depression Cure

Throughout the medical community great minds are coming together trying to piece together a manic depression cure. Manic depression strikes thousands of people across the world and is perhaps the most dangerous form of depression. Marked by extreme highs and lows manic depression can first show itse

Major Depression and Family

While most people have experienced a period of feeling down or blue, those who experience major depression experience a far more profound sense of feeling overwhelmed by dread and despair. Their feelings may be independent of, somewhat dependent upon and at times fully connected to life experiences.

What to Eat to Beat Depression

If you ever wonder what to eat to beat depression, you probably already know that ice cream by the gallon is not going to make the list. Some folks find depression takes away any desire to eat at all. Either way, eating foods high in essential nutrients gives you your best defense against depression

Weight Loss Pills Worsen Depression - 5 Dangers To Be Aware Of

Let's be honest there are countless people out there trying to lose their weight fast by taking diet pills. We all need to be beware of the dangers of taking weight loss pills. If you are taking diet pills at the moment to lose weight you are taking serious health risks which you may not be awa

Is Therapy Effective for Depression or Anxiety?

When people talk about depression, medication seems to be the only way. This is definitely not true. Although anti-depressant medication is effective in suppressing the symptoms of depression, it does not heal the root of the problem.

Treatment For Depression and Anxiety

As time moves on, doctors, scientists and medical professionals are better understanding health conditions. As you have likely noticed by now. The types of health conditions and mental afflictions seem to be endless. Fortunately most of them can be identified and treated accordingly.

The Dark Secret - Part II

Do not be misled by the apparent simplicity of my approach to healing and recovery. The dark secret can be identified, released, and replaced with healthier emotions.

Medication For Depression - Everything You Need to Know

Even though the medical profession are now aware as to what can contribute towards a person becoming depressive, they are still unable to pinpoint the exact reason as to why some people end up suffering from depression while others don't. In fact, this remains a mystery even after decades of re

Vitamins For Depression - Which Ones, How Many and Do They Work?

Taking vitamins for depression seems like a simplistic approach to alleviate the symptoms of this common condition. If you think about how the body and mind is connected though, it is easy to believe they have an important role to play. But, what is the best way to take them?

Overcome Depression Mental Health Problems In The Workplace

The workplace can be a very tiring environment for anyone. The pressures from bosses, coworkers, and long hours can be very toxic to one's mental and physical health. Burnout usually occurs to those who can't keep up with the demands of the workplace for whatever reasons. Though stress is

Tips For Combating Stress

by Alix Needham, specialist advisor on stress to the National Council of Hypnotherapists, Hypnotherapy London

Symptoms And Treatment Of Bipolar Depression

Recent studies suggest that bipolar depression is much more common than previously thought. The risk of contracting this disease is greatest at ages ranging from late teens up to age 30, and is substantially decreased after this age, conversely, the overall risk of depression 'severe unipolar&#

What You Need To Know About Depression!

Depression is a common and widely misunderstood illness; it is a mental illness that will affect your mental state and mood. Fortunately, depression can be easily treated if you seek professional help.