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Requirements for Ordination

The requirements for ordination into the ministry of any house of faith are often rigorous both in study and in personal commitment. However, because of separation of church and state in the United States of America, no specific law qualifies one as ordained; ordination can only be conferred by a

Temerity and Timidity

The noun "temerity" means daring or recklessness. In contrast, the noun "timidity" means fearfulness.


What does the French word dédaigner mean? How is it pronounced and used?

The Writer's Voice

Voice is the distinctive style or manner of expression of an author or of a narrator in a text.

Training For Act

It might extremely well be the primary most important test of your entire life. The fact of the matter is that your results on the ACT are going to delimit where you go to college, whether you might be approved to take on your selected big, what courses you will start out college off with, and how m

Vrais amis - French English Cognates - S

Increase your vocabulary with this list of 1,700 French-English cognates - words which are identical in the two languages and share at least one meaning.

Where Can You Learn Korean?

The Korean government offers several places where you can learn Korean, varying in convenience, difficulty and cost. Korean programs from an accredited university in South Korea cost more because of tuition fees but offers interactive learning, whereas approved learning programs online can be used a


An informal term for the specialized language (or social dialect) of lawyers and of legal documents.

Connaître la musique

You know the routine, just click to learn all about the idiomatic French expression connaître la musique.

The Japanese Title for "Frozen"

Learn a story about how an advertising producer for the movie "Frozen" chose the Japanese title, "Ana to Yuki no Joou".

Balayer - to sweep

Learn how to conjugate balayer, a stem-changing French verb.


(1) The skillful or clever use of words. (2) The arbitrary or capricious coinage of words.

The Bogeyman: A Paragraph Developed With Reasons

College writing assignments often call on students to explain why something happened or happens. In this sample paragraph--"Why Do We Threaten Children With the Bogeyman?"--a student develops her explanation with clearly connected reasons.