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le bois

What does the French word bois mean? How is it pronounced and used?


What does the French word ronfler mean? How is it pronounced and used?

Du tout

Learn about the meaning and uses of the French expression du tout.

William James, by John Jay Chapman

In this encomium to the philosopher and psychologist William James, John Jay Chapman fulfills his wish to help "the general atmosphere of thought and [enrich] everyone a little."


What does the French word oser mean? How is it pronounced and used?


The semantic qualities or sense relations that exist between words with opposite meanings in certain contexts (i.e., antonyms).

Reasons to Learn Dutch

Although not typically considered a major world language, Dutch is spoken by almost 30 million people as of 2011. Because of its colonial legacy, the language is spoken by local inhabitants of South America, Southeast Asia and the Caribbean. Additionally, the language is one of the official language

Élire - to elect

Learn how to conjugate élire, an irregular -re French verb.

The Difference Between Speaking Sounds of English & Arabic

Arabic is the most common of the Semitic languages; this is the family of languages that also includes Amharic, spoken in Ethiopia, Tigrinya and Tigre, spoken in Eritrea, and Hebrew, spoken in Israel. Many of the sounds in Arabic are similar to English ones, but the differences between speaking soun

Voice Therapy & Accent Reduction

Accent reduction, also called accent neutralization, is the process of teaching a non-native speaker of a language or someone with a heavy regional accent to sound more like a native speaker who does not have an accent. Speech or voice therapy is one way of reducing an accent.