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The Pros & Cons of Nonverbal Communication

Nonverbal communication can be more important than verbal communication. Nonverbal communication can indicate whether a person is telling the truth, experiencing stress or being sincere. It can also be the reason you aren't succeeding on job interviews or meeting people. Interpreting nonverbal commu

How to Learn Dutch Phrases

If you're planning a trip to The Netherlands, Belgium or any other Dutch-speaking country, you may want to learn some Dutch phrases before you travel. Unfortunately, learning a few phrases isn't going to be much help if you aren't going to be able to understand the responses. You can investigate bas

On peut se tutoyer ?

What does the French expression on peut se tutoyer mean and how is it used?

What Is British English?

British English refers to the varieties of the English language spoken and written in Great Britain (or, as more narrowly defined, in England).


What does the French word encastrer mean? How is it pronounced and used?

How to Learn Colors in Dutch

The Dutch language developed from several German based languages used in the Netherlands region over 2,000 years ago, according to the Dutch Language website. English is also a German derived language. This leads to many similarities in the two languages. When learning the Dutch words for colors you

broken English

A pejorative term for a limited register of English used by a non-native speaker.


A fictitious name assumed by an individual to conceal his or her identity; a pen name.

Gender of Italian Nouns

In Italian, the gender of a noun can be masculine or feminine. Foreign nouns, when used in Italian, usually keep the same gender as the language of origin.

Cars Vocabulary List

Mandarin Chinese vocabulary related to types of cars and car parts. This vocabulary will help you discuss cars and car problems in Mandarin Chinese. Each entry has an animated graphic showing how the Chinese characters are written, as well as an audio pronunciation guide.

How Do I Create a Map Key?

A map key is a small box that explains what all of the symbols and colors found on a map mean. For instance, if a blue line is a highway and a red line is a county road, then a map key will explain this. Additionally, if a green pine tree marks a state park, then a map key will tell you that as well

French Expressions with Dire

Learn how to tell someone off, talk nonsense, be a yes-man, and more with this list of expressions with dire.