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How to Learn German at My Own Pace

Travelers planning to visit Germany can learn the German language at their own pace before visiting. Learning basic German phrases to order food at a restaurant or search for the nearest bathroom will come in handy when communicating to others. Speaking enough German to hold a conversation may offer

Eye Contact & Nonverbal Communication

Nonverbal-communication skills are important in all relationships, whether it's a business encounter or dealing with family members. One of the key aspects of good nonverbal communication, however, is eye contact.

Japanese Monsters - Youkai

Youkai literally means, "bewitching apparition." They include monsters, goblins, and ghouls. Unlike yuurei (ghosts), which are the souls of the dead and downright scary, youkai are comical, bizarre and mischievous in some way.

How Famous Writers Really Feel About Spelling

English spelling is complicated, inconsistent, and often downright ornery. But don't take our word for it. Consider what some well-known writers have had to say about English orthography.

Hospital Vocabulary List

This Mandarin Chinese vocabulary list covers the names of objects, places, and people found in the hospital. Complete with an audio pronunciation guide and animated graphics showing the stroke order of the Chinese characters.

How to Learn About Greek Songs

Modern Greek music comes from a long and storied historical tradition. In its earliest form, traditional Greek theater incorporated music, poetry and dance. When the theatrical tradition broke down into its component elements, the Greek folk song was born. These days, Greek songs are generally divid

Ancient Tools for Writing

Language has existed roughly as long as our species has. Man first started to write down language around 3200 BCE. Over the years, various tools and implements have been used for writing. In ancient times, people used several different methods of transcription, each with its own benefits and drawbac

une expectative

What does the French word expectative mean? How is it pronounced and used?

Italian Interrogative Pronouns

Interrogative pronouns (pronomi interrogativi) are used to introduce a question. They are: chi?, che?, che cosa?, quale?, and quanto?


What does the French word xénophobe mean? How is it pronounced and used?

Italian Verb Servire

The Italian verb servire: grammatical usage and examples. In Italian there are several ways to express the concept of serving or helping oneself.

Careers in Learning German

German is the 11th most widely spoken language in the world, and it is the second most popular language learned beyond the mother tongue. As a result, German language learners can find many career opportunities as teachers and general users of the language. These positions may be more useful in the